Sophie Marie Dunning to represent England at Miss Supranational 2021

12 Mar 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The competition for Supra Star Search 2020 was held recently where Sophie Marie Dunning represented England was adjudged as the first runner-up at the end of the event finale. Sophie will now represent England at Miss Supranational 2021 and has succeeded Miss Supranational England 2019 Kirsty Lerchundi for the title.

Hailing from Shropshire, Sophie is 28-years-old and is passionate about beauty pageants and representing England at international stage. She is very grateful for the opportunity given to her and she has assured that she will perform her best on-stage to make the people of her country proud.



On asking about what it means to represent the home country at international stage, Sophie mentioned, “The focus of my life the past few months and something that I feel strongly about - is encouraging women of all ages and backgrounds to learn real, useful self-defense. We often underestimate ourselves, our strength, our abilities and in some circumstances, we end up sacrificing our independence. Newly-found or rediscovered confidence and control over your own life and future, is just one of the many positive outcomes of learning and practicing useful self-protection techniques. The opportunity to take my passions to the Miss Supranational, international stage, reaching a huge number of women and men from around the world is a huge deal for me - and all of us who train and Instruct CCF Self Defense. There are many myths surrounding what is useful and SAFE to apply in dangerous situations - unfortunately there is a lot of bad advice out there which is why it is so important to me.”

Sophie believes that the platform she has right now will help her reach to a point where she can make the people who have always motivated her and believed in her proud and happy. She strongly believes that beauty pageants are a stage that has a massive reach and gives women across the globe an opportunity to work for themselves and achieve their own dreams and goals.

The diva explained that throughout the competition and going through various challenges, she has had the urge to be the best version of herself and perform her best on-stage. She was highly appreciated for her performance throughout after which she was adjudged as the first runner-up. She has learnt so much about her and the competition has helped her to not only gain confidence and experience but also work towards her self-growth.



Sophie is strong, confident, determined, and focused towards using the opportunity given to her to make the best use of it and provide women across the world with tool that will help them protect oneself. Hoping for a purposeful life, Sophie aspires to win the title of Miss Supranational 2021 for England and make the country proud. A proud advocate for the rights of the women, Sophie is emerging as one of the strongest contenders for the title as she has managed tp showcase the qualities of a true beauty queen.

The diva is grateful and feels blessed that she has had the chance to represent her home country at international stage. She took to her social media to thank the organization along with everyone who supported her till the end. She is beautiful and positive about her performance at Miss Supranational 2021 for which she has already started to prepare.

Congratulations queen!