3 person jury names finalists for Miss Switzerland 2018

30 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Lauriane Sallin has been holding the coveted Miss Switzerland crown for almost two years, since the beginning of her reign in 2015. This March, she will finally hand over the title to one of the eleven finalists that have been chosen to go forward in the Miss Switzerland 2018 competition.

After a year of interruption, the show has been realigned.  "We are again looking for a strong personality with charisma that represents Switzerland with warmth, down-to-earthiness and openness," said Miss Switzerland media spokeswoman Angela Fuchs.

On Monday morning, the candidate field of the 2018 Miss Switzerland election was almost halved. Nine young women had to leave the competition.

Following the first Missen camp, which took place last weekend in Brunnen (SZ), eleven finalists from the 20 candidates were selected for the Miss Switzerland election in Baden.

In the camp, the candidates had to face various challenges. In addition, they were also prepared for the final show on March 10, according to a statement of the Miss Switzerland Organization. They participated in photo shoots (indoor, outdoor and speed shoot), went through running training on the catwalk and were trained in moderating and refashioning.

Meet the 11 finalists of Miss Switzerland 2018.

 Stefanie Mülller

Date of birth:  February 28, 2000, Canton:  Schwyz

 Marla Fritz

Date of birth:  June 13, 1999, Canton:  Ticino

 Mercedes Klingelfuss

Date of birth:  May 10, 1994, Canton:  St. Gallen


3 person jury names finalists for Miss Switzerland 2018

(Photo Credits - Miss Switzerland Official)

 Ursula Wipfli

Date of birth:  December 8, 1992, Canton:  Vaud

 Melanie Müller

Date of birth:  July 15, 1993, Canton:  Zurich

 Jastina Doreen Riederer

Date of birth:  May 17, 1998, Canton:  Aargau

 Karen Molinari

Date of birth:  February 7, 1997, Canton:  Vaud

 Vanessa  Leuzinger

Date of birth:  July 19, 1996, Canton:  Nidwalden

 Sheila Kern

Date of birth:  November 6, 1995, Canton:  Zurich

 Michela Russo

Date of birth:  June 7, 1995, Canton:  Ticino

 Laura Marques

Date of birth:  January 14, 1999, Canton:  Geneva


3 person jury names finalists for Miss Switzerland 2018

(Photo Credits - Miss Switzerland Official)

Before their big appearance at the Trafo Culture and Congress Center, the eleven finalists will once again take part in a camp in February, where they will be tested by the three jurors Claudia Lässer, Thomas Buchwalder and Jasmina Sarajlic.

For the remaining candidates, the next Missen camp, which will take place on 16 February in Baden AG, continues. One of the candidates will again face elimination after this camp. Finally, ten candidates will be seen competing for the Miss Switzerland 2018 title, on March 10 in Baden.

But for those who couldn’t make it to the finalist's list, jury member Claudia Lässer finds comforting words: "You are all winners. Great, what you've already achieved!