Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019

07 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Malaysia, once again, will be hosting the 22nd edition of Miss Tourism International, an extensive pageantry title in the effort to promote Malaysia’s Tourism and reveal to the world its many beautiful faces, from the bustling cities and idyllic towns to the sun-kissed islands.

Miss Tourism International 2019 delegates got their shoots in the National Costumes where the delegates dressed up with their homelands and its different cultures and diversities. The stunning divas joined together with their unique dazzling styles and showcased the beauties of their lands where they are belonged.

The beauties looked absolutely amazing, but our Top ten favourites from Miss Tourism International 2019 National Costumes are –

Gabriela P. Mandolang Miss Tourism International Indonesia 2019

Gabriela showcased “The Incarnation” in her national costume of Miss Tourism International Indonesia 2019. It was described as such “Swishing waves on the surface of the sea to the beach. Sounded so softly hand in hand with gusts of wind that seemed to hum and call. Far from the depth of the sea that seemed to vibrate. The roar of the waves and extraordinary power unites Watu Ulo in the southern part of East Java separated from 3 parts and awakens the Nogo Rojo (Watu Ulo's original form) from his long slumber and he sees the figure of a princess he knows and longs for crosses through the surface high seas. She was so beautiful, elegantly clad in a dangling green gown adorned with sparkling gemstones radiating beautiful rays wrapped in her body from the pounding waves. From the light in his eyes, love and determination were deep, but he didn't show a single tear. For Nogo Rojo the Princess is a symbol of love, strength, struggle, leadership and sacrifice of women. Nogo Rojo's faithfulness to preserve the princess's valuable possessions is what makes the Princess try every means to save Nogo Rojo. The treasure is not only gold gems or diamonds but the heart of the Princess. Although in its place is the soul of the Princess who can no longer leave the kingdom of the South Sea of ??Indonesia forever.” The beauty diva looked absolutely stunning in the costume, showing her Indonesian beauty.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Rhythm Randhawa Miss Tourism International India 2019

Tiara Girl Rhythm Randhawa resplendent in her National costume inspired by “Bani Thani; Mona Lisa of India.” The Indian miniature painting painted by Nihal Chand from the Marwar school of Kishangarh. It portrays a woman who is elegant and graceful; symbolic to bring the message of love, culture and respect. It’s about embracing and celebrating love between two beings. Idealized for distinct features such as arched eyebrows, lotus-like elongated eyes and pointed chin; heavy traditional jewellery and ethnic wear.“Being a student of fine arts as well,I was inspired to make this national costume to embrace Malaysia while representing India”, said the beauty diva.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Cheryl Loo Miss Tourism International Malaysia 2019

Cheryl Loo, the former Miss Tourism International Malaysia 2019, splendidly portrayed "The Malay Heroine" for Miss Tourism International 2019 by Borneo Republic Malaysia Creations. Based on the history and manuscripts written in the Malay story, Malay women have various positions in a society. Most of them occupy a great position in the history of the Malay community. Malay Srikandi is often associated with a great female figure in the history, legends and myths of the Malays. Historically, all of these women are famous in their time, either the legend or the myth of the Malays, they even become icons of a place. They play a great role as a respected ruler to protect and guard the place, a feared leader, a respected nobleman, a dignified woman, a mother, a wife who always cares for the family and husband. Apart from having a beautiful appearance, they are also well-liked for their wisdom, their courage and their praiseworthy personality traits. Tanah Melayu in Peninsula Malaysia is very rich in legends, myths and histories about Malay Heroines!


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Ysabel Ng Miss Tourism International Hong Kong 2019

As a fashion designer, Ysabel proudly designed a national costume representing her homeland. It’s called “Hong Kong - Our Neon City”. The total time spent on the formation of the costume was two and a half months, to make it from zero to a finished garment. The concept of the formation of the costume was that as we know the night view of Hong Kong is very amazing such as the symphony of light in Victoria’s Harbour and the overhanging neon sign board around the city. Through this national costume, the diva wanted to show the dynamic and energetic beauty of her homeland. The silhouette and style of the costume was a modernised qun gua style. Qun gua is a two-piece Chinese style wedding gown that is very popular in Guangdong area including Hong Kong. Until now, the bride in Hong Kong still wear qun gua for their wedding. It’s a culture of Hong Kong. That’s why the diva used this style for her national costume.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Ana Maria Miss Tourism International Bolivia 2019

Ana Maria, the former Miss Tourism International Bolivia 2019 dazzled in her National Costume inspired by her Bolivian culture and tradition. The Spanish brought their own tradition of religious art which, in the hands of local indigenous and mestizo builders and artisans, developed into a rich and distinctive style of architecture, literature, and sculpture known as "Mestizo Baroque." Diva’s national costume showed different vibrant colours which dazzled her whole wear. The different colours showed diversity and how it is integrated beautifully together.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Chompoonut Phungphon Miss Tourism International Thailand 2019

Chompoonut Phungphon, the former Miss Tourism International Thailand 2019 looked splendidly beautiful in her national costume inspired by “Mangosteen: The Queen of Mountain”. Inspired by the mountain mangosteen grown in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, the southern region of Thailand. Therefore, it has been called the city of fruit queen as an extension and promotion of excellent mangosteen emphasizing the fruit city and telling the story of the ancient mountain mangosteen that has been grown in this province for over 100 years. Its distinctive features are its very big size and thin skin, thick, white and fluffy pulp, and sweet taste that are the unique identities of the mangosteen, the queen of fruits. The diva’s national costume was designed by Mr. Watchara Promkwan and was tailored by Number One by Porn Pikanesuan.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Cyrille Payumo Miss Tourism International Philippines 2019

The beauty queen Cyrille Payumo proudly represented the country, Philippines in the National Costume of Miss Tourism International 2019. The costume was brushed with the strokes of red, blue, and white signifying Filipino bravery, peace, and purity, respectively, the gown was an intricately woven solihiya crafted by the united hands of inmates from Angeles City jail and was further embellished with rays of local gold metals works known as pinukpuk, which translate to the unending grace from the Almighty God. The pinukpuk head and hand pieces complement Filipino resiliency over trials as signified by the rays stretching high above the sky that sets the limitless boundaries of Filipino faith. Echoing the historic banner of Philippine revolution, this national costume is named as KKK, representing Kalayaan (Freedom), Kababaihan (Women Empowerment) and Kapayaan (Peace), which are the cornerstones of Ms Cyrille Payumo as she brings her country to the Miss Tourism International 2019.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Imana Sokolovic Miss Tourism International Bosnia & Herz. 2019

Imana Sokolovic, the former Miss Tourism International Bosnia & Herz. 2019 showcased the beauty of her country in the national costume of Miss Tourism International 2019. She wore a folklore traditional costume of Bosnia. Portraying the national identity for Bosnians, as it is inextricably tied to ethnic and religious identity. The ethnic dress of the stunning diva looked amazingly beautiful on her as she brought the whole nation with her in Malaysia, integrating it with the cultures of other national beauties.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Pritee Poudel Miss Tourism International Nepal 2019

Pritee Poude, the former Miss Tourism International Nepal 2019 showed the beauty of her nation, while wearing the national dress of Nepal.

Nepal is a multicultural and multiethnic country as it was formed in the 18th century from several small kingdoms: Mustang, Madhesh, Videha (Mithila), and Limbuwan. Each of the ethnic groups – and there are more than a 100 of them in Nepal – has its own clothing traditions, folk costume and accessories, traditional jewelry pieces, and etc. With that beauty of cultural diversity and vibrancy, the diva brought many traditions with her and the beauty it involved. She portrayed her nation in such a way and brought it with a thought of integrating it with other nations in the international national costume and yes, it came out to be very beautiful.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019


Katerina Kachashvili Miss Tourism International Ukraine 2019

Each nation has its traditional clothing, which possesses inherent features received from its ancestors. This is not just clothing, but an invaluable heritage of the country, an integral part of its rich history, customs, and traditions. The former Miss Tourism International Ukraine 2019 Katerina Kachashvili showed the spiritual symbol of the Ukrainian people from time immemorial was a beautiful vyshyvanka. It was an individual attribute of Ukrainians, regardless of where they are from the corner of their Motherland. Ukrainian ancestors treated the embroidered clothing with great respect. Mothers and women decorate shirts by sewing patterns for their husbands and children, giving attention to each symbol because they all have a definite meaning. With showing the best of her nation, the diva, looked stunningly amazing in the costume she wore, which showed the floral beauty of Ukraine.


Our Top 10 favourite National Costumes from Miss Tourism International 2019

(Photo Credits: Miss Tourism International/ Contestnats Instagram Official)