Miss USA 2022 Meet the Delegates

13 Jul 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss USA, the 71st edition of the national pageant, will be held in 2022 where Miss USA 2021 Elle Smith of Kentucky will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. The winner will represent USA at Miss Universe 2022.

Fifty-one state titleholders have been crowned to compete for Miss USA 2022. This year's batch boasts of stunning and talented beauties who will definitely give a strong competition to each other for the national crown - 

Katelyn Vinson Miss Alabama USA 2022

Courtney Schuman Miss Alaska USA 2022

Isabel Ticlo Miss Arizona USA 2022

Rylie Wagner Miss Arkansas USA 2022

Tiffany Johnson Miss California USA 2022

Cynthia Dias Miss Connecticut USA 2022

Grace Lange Miss Delaware USA 2022

Faith Porter Miss District of Columbia USA 2022

Taylor Fulford Miss Florida USA 2022

Holly Haynes Miss Georgia USA 2022

Kiana Yamat Miss Hawaii USA 2022

Jordana Dahmen Miss Idaho USA 2022

Angel Reyes Miss Illinois USA 2022

Samantha Toney Miss Indiana USA 2022

Randi Estabrook Miss Iowa USA 2022

Elyse Noe Miss Kansas USA 2022


Katelyn Vinson Miss Alabama USA 2022


Lizzy Neutz Miss Kentucky USA 2022

KT Scannell Miss Louisiana USA 2022

Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022

Caleigh Shade Miss Maryland USA 2022

Skarlet Ramirez Miss Massachusetts USA 2022

Aria Hutchinson Miss Michigan USA 2022

Madeline Helget Miss Minnesota USA 2022

Hailey White Miss Mississippi USA 2022

Mikala McGhee Miss Missouri USA 2022

Heather Lee O'Keefe Miss Montana USA 2022

Natalie Pieper Miss Nebraska USA 2022

Summer Keffeler Miss Nevada USA 2022

Camila Sacco Miss New Hampshire USA 2022

Alexandra Lakhman Miss New Jersey USA 2022

Suzzane Perez Miss New Mexico USA 2022

Heather Nunez Miss New York USA 2022


KT Scannell Miss Louisiana USA 2022


Morgan Romano Miss North Carolina USA 2022

SaNoah LaRocque Miss North Dakota USA 2022

Sir’Quora Carroll Miss Ohio USA 2022

Ashley Ehrhart Miss Oklahoma USA 2022

Arielle Freytag Miss Oregon USA 2022

Billie LaRae Owens Miss Pennsylvania USA 2022

Elaine Collado Miss Rhode Island USA 2022

Meera Bhonsle Miss South Carolina USA 2022

Shania Knutson Miss South Dakota USA 2022

Emily Suttle Miss Tennessee USA 2022

Elisabeth Gandara Miss Utah USA 2022

Kelsey Golonka Miss Vermont USA 2022

Kailee Horvath Miss Virginia USA 2022

Mazzy Eckel Miss Washington USA 2022

Krystian Leonard Miss West Virginia USA 2022

Hollis Brown Miss Wisconsin USA 2022


Elisabeth Gandara Miss Utah USA 2022


Morgan McNally Miss Wyoming USA 2022

R'Bonney Gabriel Miss Texas USA 2022

Alexis Glover Miss Colorado USA 2022


Morgan McNally Miss Wyoming USA 2022


Last year, Elle Smith of Kentucky was crowned Miss USA 2021 as she represented her country at Miss Universe 2021 and placed in Top 10. Caitlyn Vogel, Ashley Carino, Sydni Bennett were adjudged first, second and third runners-up respectively.