Sushmita Sen yet again shows the true essence of being a woman

19 May 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen has always been one of those favourite Miss Universe winners who have had that aura to make you fall in love with her. Throughout these years, the woman has been an inspiration to a lot of women. We have known and loved her ever since she enlightened the judges and the world with her answer at the finals of Miss Universe 1994. The answer that made her win the coveted title. Sushmita has lived her life on the same path as she preached during the pageant.

Sushmita Sen yet again proves the true essence of being a woman

Be it her decision to not marry just because of societal pressure or the choice to bring up her girls as a single mother, Sushmita has time and again defied regressive norms.  The charismatic, independent mother that former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is shows in every aspect of her personality; much like in this video that the diva shared on her Instagram page. Check out Sushmita’s motherly side in the video below...

Isn’t she just adorable..?? We are so in love with her yet again, after this. Aen’t you too?
Lorence Larue, an ace Grammy winner, inquired Sushmita Sen, during the top 6 personal interview round at Miss Universe 1994 : “If you had time and money to spent on some great adventure, what would that be?”  To which the epitome of poise replied, “Adventure for me, is something that I enjoy within me. And I think, Children, those little things, can bring a lot of adventure in your life. So if I had time and money I would go and spend it with little children, I don’t say I would spend it with a child who is downtrodden but any child. I would go and have a great time with them.”
Sushmita Sen has time and again proven the essence of being a woman, and we couldn’t agree more. What do you think?