Miss Universe 2009 Stefanía Fernández: The diva who made history by winning back-to-back titles for Venezuela

24 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

Stefanía Fernández represented Venezuela at Miss Universe 2009 on 23rd August at the Imperial Ballroom in Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas. She was crowned as the winner at the end of the event finale, marking the first and only time in Miss Universe history that a country has won back-to-back titles. She earned a Guinness World Records by being the first Miss Universe winner who was crowned by a compatriot.

Stefanía is of Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish origin as her mother; Nadia Krupij Holojad was born to a Ukrainian father who emigrated from the Soviet Union during the period of Communist rule. She always wanted to represent the country at international stage and her desire and efforts made her win the title of Miss Venezuela 2008 on 10th September 2008 in Caracas. She was crowned by Miss Venezuela 2007 who was also the reigning Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza at the end of the event finale. Stefanía also won the awards including Miss Elegance, Best Body, Best Face at the competition. She represented the state of Trujillo at the competition and because the second representative of the state to win the title and an opportunity to represent the country at Miss Universe stage.



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With focusing on winning the title and working hard at the competition, Stefanía was finally crowned as the new Miss Universe 2009 and her prize package included cash; a year contract promoting Miss Universe; world travel; a rent-free, prestigious New York luxury apartment; a gift bag stuffed with designer shoes, dresses, and beauty products; a US$100,000 stipend for a two-year course at the New York Film Academy; and free access to famous fashion houses and beauty parlours. The diva has impressed everyone at the competition and made a history by winning the title for the country back-to-back.

Stefanía used her platform to work towards raising awareness on humanitarian issues and promoting education regarding HIV/AIDS which also received the support from the government of Venezuela and The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, congratulated Fernández for winning the title and creating a history. In October 2009, she travelled to Jakarta, Bandung, and Medan in Indonesia, where she crowned the Indonesian representative for the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. On 5th November 2009, she served as a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, United States, sharing with Puerto Rican salsa singer Víctor Manuelle. Fernández travelled to Puerto Rico in February 2010 to host ‘Levántate’, a Telemundo TV show and then travelled to New York, where she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In May 2010, Fernández travelled to República Dominicana Fashion Week in the Dominican Republic. Shortly thereafter, Fernández was named in the 50 Most Beautiful People list by People en Español.

During the 2014 Venezuelan protests, Fernández took part in the "Your Voice is Your Power" campaign denouncing violence, human rights violations, and the censorship of media in Venezuela. The diva feels that the beauty pageant has helped her to stay firm, calm, and composed in life for which she will always be grateful. She mentioned, “A contest that forever marked my life. A stage that reminds me that with discipline and passion, everything is achieved and that definitely: There are no impossible!”



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The diva further added, “A Universal Ambassador is the one who uses her voice and courage as the best weapon to awaken and help other women, small communities and nations. A woman with self-assurance, but at the same time not afraid to show her weaknesses because we are human. My respects and admiration to each one!” She stated that the competition evolves every year with new divas or representatives but their goal stays the same that is to mark their standing in the Universe and work for the humanity and the society one lives in. She had stated that the courage, confidence, and attitude she had gained during her reign has stayed with her and will also push her to do things in life.

Stefanía is someone who will appreciate the ones who need to be appreciated for their work and one such example is Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler for whom the diva mentioned that she is great at what she does and she has seen her work. “I saw her work in Colombia up close and she has given her a lot of heart. Good job!” The diva strongly believes that the stage of Miss Universe is a stage of opportunities and achievements and the representatives of the various countries should use it wisely.

Stefania Fernandez married Venezuelan investor Bernardo Asuaje on 6th May 2017 in Cartagena, Colombia and currently resides in Bogota, Colombia. She has her own skin care brand named, ‘Ammaterre’. The reason behind starting the skincare was the fact that Stefania had suffered from a skin condition she self-titled, “the spot,” which was since treated with no severe repercussions. As her skin began to clear and strengthen, a skin mark remained and reminds her every day about her biggest insecurity. She experimented with every skin care alternative to help her lessen the look of the undesired mark and realized that her confidence did not derive from her external features, but how she felt about herself on the inside. She has now focused on exposing her secrets on how to embrace her own natural beauty, as well as, encouraging others to accept themselves for who they are, while extracting beauty from your inner being.



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The diva has used her platform of Miss Universe 2009 to connect with people from around the world and has allowed her to search for beauty miracles that will help empower women from their own foundations as a strong woman or man. Stefania taught herself the importance of natural skin care and would use household staples, including local plants and fruits, to show millions of people the benefits that natural products can have on the skin through her social media exposure.

Stefania is successful and doing what she loves the most, helping people to embrace their selves along with shifting onto the herbal and natural products. She is one of the most remembered Miss Universe queens as she not only won the title but also made it into the history of Miss Universe for winning the title for Venezuela back-to-back. 23rd August 2020 marks her 11 years of crowning and we wish her a lot of success and happiness for such a memorable day.