Best Introductory One-Liners of Miss Universe 2018

17 Dec 2018 | Angelique Reyes

With the Miss Universe 2018 finale held today, the organization introduced a new segment where the Top 20 finalists came under the limelight and spoke in one line about their advocacies to strengthen their chances of winning the Miss Universe crown this year.

Out of the Top 20 who presented their advocacies, Angelopedia has selected its Top 8 delegates with the best introductions, and they are as follows -


Best Introductory One-Liners of Miss Universe 2018


Miss Universe South Africa 2018 Tamaryn Green

Tamaryn started off by saying that as a medical student and a tuberculosis survivor, which kills thousands of people, she one of the lucky few to have survived. Tamaryn now wants to help other people through her “Break the Stigma” campaign. She hopes that anyone out there facing any kind of adversity or challenge to speak up about their story as it would help create awareness and therefore a better future.

Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Elsa Magnayon Gray

Catriona, looking gorgeous as ever, started her speech by saying that working in some of the worst areas of her country, she realised that it was the lack of child support and not poverty that killed their dream. She then continued by saying that a child once told her, “Cat, that’s not my life and those dreams are not meant for me.” Catriona then ended her speech saying that she is standing on the stage because someone out there believed in her and that we owe it to our children to believe in them.

Miss Universe Nepal 2018 Manita Devkota

Manita, who wishes to be a public health attorney who roots for marginalised women and children, wants to empower woman and children. She said she is a first-generation immigrant and graduate, she wants to use her degree to provide health education and advocate for children’s nutrition and maternal health. Upon winning the crown, she would empower women facing menstrual challenges and change the stigmas that surround the phenomenon.

Miss Universe Great Britain 2018 Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers

Dee-Ann is a hardworking and dedicated woman who has a rather unfortunate accident. She was on the oath to become an Olympic champion but due to a severe knee injury, she has to leave that path. Dee-Ann did not lose focus, however, and has now become a barrister. This dedicated woman, if she wins the crown wants to advocate for equal pay. She would also like to advocate for the victims of Female Genital Mutilation and Acid Attacks.


Best Introductory One-Liners of Miss Universe 2018


Miss Universe Costa Rica 2018 Natalia Carvajal

Natalia opened her speech by saying that she comes from a place where happiness found in a simplistic nature, which is why there are no materialistic wishes only the drive to represent people. Upon winning the crown, Natalia wants to use her skill as a communicator to highlight issues that are vital to be heard, as she believes that it would lead to a healthier society.

Miss Universe Canada 2018 Marta Magdalena Stepien

Marta started her speech by saying that she comes from a land of opportunities. She then continues by saying that she was blessed with a 10-year modelling career which had her roam about the entire world, this has lead to her becoming more tolerant towards other cultures and ethnicities. Marta wants to further pursue bio-medical engineering and help people from all over the world.

Miss Universe USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers

Sarah spoke confidently when she told the audience that as a child-life specialist she tends to break down medical jargons every other day to relieve stress and anxiety. Similarly, as the next MissUniverse, Sarah would like to use her career experience as well as her own hospitalisation to give children of the world child-life strategies because she believes that no child needs to believe that they are alone or scared.

Miss Universe Australia 2018 Francesca Hung

Francesca was to the point on the stage when she said that she wants to advocate for cultural diversity all over the world. She then continues by saying that she grew up biracial and has learnt a very important lesson that is there is no one definition of beauty, but it’s the acceptance of beauty that is important. Francesca wants to empower women and girls in a similar situation as hers as she came from a low income and immigrant background.