Will Catriona Gray and Tyra Banks create history by doing the ‘Lava Walk’ together?

15 Jan 2019 | Camilla Suarez

When Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray walked her final walk before the announcement of the result, everyone in the audience was fixated as the beautiful diva smiled, laughed and strutted on the stage with singer Ne-Yo giving out some of his best music. What the audience was actually waiting for was the infamous slow twirl in the end that everyone has fondly started calling the ‘Lava Walk’.

The reason Catriona’s final walk was named‘ Lava Walk’ was because of the choice of her gown that she helped design. This creation of Mak Tumang, named ‘Mayon’ had a special significance as Catriona wanted to bring forth a part of the culture and heritage of her country on to the stage. The gown was inspired by the Mayon volcano in the Philippines which is known for being in a perfect conical shape attracting a lot of tourists.


Will Catriona Gray and Tyra Banks create history by doing the ‘Lava Walk’ together?


Soon after the finale, which was held on 17th December 2018, Lava Walk became a trending topic online in all social media platforms. Many celebrities and models prised Catrina for her catwalk skills and many of her fans imitated her style and walk. Amongst those who became a fan of Catriona due to her fierce yet graceful walk was a former supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks.

Tyra Banks took to her official social media account and wrote, “Can’t stop thinking about that LavaWalk.” Earlier, a little after the swimsuit competition, Tyra has also expressed her thoughts about Catriona’s performance and wrote, “Pinoy power to the max!!!” Miss Universe Organization expressed their interest to see the two queens walk together on their social media account and wrote, “We would love to see you and Catriona Gray lava walk together.”


Will Catriona Gray and Tyra Banks create history by doing the ‘Lava Walk’ together?


Upon being asked about Tyra tweet, Catriona seemed ecstatic about it and responded by saying, “Would be a dream, Tyra Banks!” Finally, Tyra wrote, “That walk and confidence? I mean...NEXT LEVEL FIERCE!!! TyTy approves.” The amount of love and respect that both the divas have shared for each other on their social media has been very exciting to watch. Now people are impatiently waiting to see them walk together on stage and create history!


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