European beauties dazzle in their introduction video for Miss Universe 2019

30 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

The grand coronation night of Miss Universe 2019 will be held on 8th December 2019 at Atlanta, USA where beauties from all over the world will compete for the most coveted crown in the world. At the conclusion of the event finale, Catriona Gray of Philippines will crown her successor who will then assume the duties as the new international queen.

As the beauties are all set for their stint at the international contest. As some of them have already reached and some are departing for Atlanta, Georgia at different times, they are taking with them, the immense love and support from their country people. Beauties have been preparing for the pageant with utter dedication and sincerity.

The official Facebook page of Miss Universe recently posted a video of the beauties from Europe who will be competing in the grand event of Miss Universe 2019. It was an ‘up and close personal’ video in which all the beauties looked amazing as ever. As the gala night is coming closer, let’s take a look at these amazing divas with their different purposes and activities they’re involved in –


European beauties dazzle in their introduction video for Miss Universe 2019


Cindy Marina Miss Universe Albania 2019

Cindy studies at the University of Southern California. She is on the Albanian Women’s National Volleyball Team. She currently studies International Relations and Global Business.

Dayana Davtyan Miss Universe Armenia 2019

Dayana is passionate about graphic design and illustration. She is on the board of directors for the Akunq charity foundation. The foundation helps survivors of the Spitak earthquake.

Angeline Flor Pua Miss Universe Belgium 2019

The diva works with “Hope for the Children” to teach kids. She wants to be a face for female empowerment. In addition to her title, Angeline is also a licensed commercial pilot.

Lora Asenova Miss Universe Bulgaria 2019

Lora has a masters degree in E-business. Lover of travelling and animals, the diva travel a lot and takes cares of animals. In her spare time, Lora donates dog food and volunteers at shelters.

Mia Rkman Miss Universe Croatia 2019

Mia is studying Environmental Health Engineering. She focuses on helping conditions such as breast cancer. The diva is also an ambassador of the Mila Za Sve foundation.

Barbora Hodacova Miss Universe Czech Republic 2019

The diva studies law, hoping to pursue social security law. She works with “Drop of Hope” helping children with Cancer. Barbora enjoys snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Katja Stokholm Miss Universe Denmark 2019

Katja attended the Royal Danish Ballet School for 6 years. She studies International Economics and Business Administration. The diva volunteers at a hospital and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Anni Harjunpaa Miss Universe Finland 2019

Anni is 23 years of age and lives in Tampere, Finland. She is an ambassador of Innoschool, her passion is to educate children. She also volunteers at a nursing home where she takes care of the elderly.

Maeva Coucke Miss Universe France 2019

Maeva is a member of the Association Les Bromes Fees, helping the ill. She wants to use her platform to raise awareness for breast cancer. Maeva helps the French Secretary to end violence against women.

Tako Adamia Miss Universe Georgia 2019

Tako is passionate about people’s lives and the environment. She wants to set an example for a younger generation of girls. She enjoys reading to the youth in her community and promoting education.


European beauties dazzle in their introduction video for Miss Universe 2019


Miriam Rautert Miss Universe Germany 2019

The diva works as a model and is writing a book about her grandmother. She wants to increase recognition of the petite model market. She also created #heightisnotanissue to raise awareness.

Emma Victoria Jenkins Miss Universe Great Britain 2019

Emma works with the A-sisterhood organization to empower women. She was once nominated for ambassador of the year. She was once nominated for ambassador of the year. She now hosts the event every year, celebrating inspirational people.

Birta Abiba Borhallsdottir Miss Universe Iceland 2019

Birta is an author and wants to be a successful international writer. She volunteers with the Icelandic Red Cross Study Aid program. She is an English and Icelandic tutor for children.

Fionnghuala O’reilly Miss Universe Ireland 2019

She is a system engineer who works as a director for NASA. The diva also created #reachforthestarts highlighting women in STEM. The diva was named Ireland’s 2020 Engineers Week National Ambassador.

Sofia Marilu Trimarco Miss Universe Italy 2019

Sofia is a law student and volunteers with Unitalsi, looking after sick people. The diva is passionate about promoting a positive body image. She also volunteers to help women struggling with anorexia.

Alfiya Yersaiyn Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2019

The diva fights to help heart disease and regularly donates blood. In 5 years, she wants to be a drawing teacher for kids. She wants to make a school for low income families to study for free.

Fatbardha Hoxha Miss Universe Kosovo 2019

Fatbardha is a recent graduate with a degree in psychology. She is a model and works with an organization to fight cancer. Fatbardha is passionate about helping the homeless community.

Teresa Ruglio Miss Universe Malta 2019

Tersa is 22 years of age and is 1 of 11 siblings. She loves meditation, nature and scuba-diving. She aspires to be a motivational speaker.

Sharon Pieksma Miss Universe Netherlands 2019

Sharon is passionate about nature, animals and travelling. Her mission is to leave the earth better than she found it. Sharon wants to use her platform to help the planet.

Helene Abildsnes Miss Universe Norway 2019

Helene is passionate about the environment and animal welfare. She organized a campaign to fight for rights of sweatshop workers. She wants to use her platform to help give textile workers fair wages.


European beauties dazzle in their introduction video for Miss Universe 2019


Olga Bulawa Miss Universe Poland 2019

Olga has a masters degree in law and hosts a TV program. She is creating a program that offers free legal advice for women. The diva loves Harry Potter and has traveled to over 30 countries.

Sylvie Silva Miss Universe Portugal 2019

Sylvie is currently studying landscape architecture. She is close to her family and loves learning about their culture. She works with the Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation.

Laura Longauerova Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2019

Laura says that pageants have given her confidence to influence women. Currently she studies accounting and finance in Prague. She wants to build a hospital to help senior citizens.

Natalie Ortega Miss Universe Spain 2019

Natalie works as a model which has exposed her to different cultures. She hopes to work as a teacher helping the younger generations. She works with an organization that aids refugees crossing into Europe.

Lina Ljungberg Miss Universe Sweden 2019

Lina loves to sing and visits hospitals and homeless shelters to sing to them. Lina is passionate about exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. She wants to show people that dreams are achievable.

Bilgi Aydogmus Miss Universe Turkey 2019

Bilgi’s biggest passion is to protect the rights of children. She is pursuing a masters degree in children’s rights. Bilgi also loves to play basketball and plays the piano.

Anastasila Subbota Miss Universe Ukraine 2019

The diva is a model and has travelled around the world. She has studied web design and loves boxing, dancing and studying cultures. She volunteers with veterans and children in need.


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