Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi extends apology for past social media posts

27 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss South Africa 2020, the 62nd edition of Miss South Africa, will host its annual edition virtually in the month of August where the next delegate to represent South Africa at Miss Universe 2020 will be crowned. South Africa’s performance at the international beauty pageants has been incredible as the divas have always proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable performances, they have taken home multiple titles, especially in the recent years.

Rebuilt under ‘Face your power, embrace your future’, stunning beauties will compete for the crown and the opportunities to represent South Africa in Miss Universe 2020 and Miss World 2020. Just today, the Miss South Africa organization has announced that the three finalists who will be crowned at the end of the event finale will represent South Africa at international pageants including Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Supranational.



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Very recently, one of the entrants of Miss South Africa 2020 Bianca Schoombee who submitted her entry video for the competition few days ago had to withdrew her application. She had to take this step after the pageant fanatics dug into her past and found shocking tweets where the 21-year-old model was openly using the N-word and repeatedly used derogatory words. Bianca had also posted some controversial statements after which she received a lot of backlash and eventually the diva decided to withdraw her application.

Some of the users of Twitter also stated that when Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss South Africa 2019, users went online and dig deep at her social media account too where all they found was empowering statements and courageous words for everyone and that’s the kind role model Miss South Africa is looking for.

But, just today, Zozi posted a video on her social media stating that she had went through the entire conversation that has been happening regarding one particular Miss South Africa 2020 entrant and the way people have been making her as an example that every woman in South Africa should look up to. The diva sounded as if she had a lot on her mind and further mentioned that she has had some time to go back to her social media page and look at how was she when she wasn’t a beauty queen. Zozi mentioned that when she made her social media account (Facebook) in 2012, she had posted somethings of some which made her proud and happy that she took a stand but some of the posts were demeaning to some people which made her introspect her thought at the particular time.



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Zozibini stated that she was very disappointed in herself to see that she posted those things when she is an absolute contrast to what she stands for now. She extended an apology to anyone who was hurt or affected with her posts or saying during that time. She mentioned that for the past nine months, she has been able to use her voice to state out things that she stands for and believe in like asking women to take up space, empower themselves, and speak up not only for the betterment of themselves but for others too. Because of the powerful position she is in right now and because there are girls who look up to her as a role model, she needed to apologise for her past actions and she also mentioned that we as a society live in a space which allows one to act, live, and say in a certain way which is not how one should be rather than people should take responsibility for their actions and help each other to survive. She urged everyone to think before sharing anything on their respective social media and consider before pressing the button.

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi’s step to a public apology for her acts when she was immature and just starting out has been received with such a massive appreciation and acceptance. Olwethu Leshabane who is a renowned South African media entrepreneur, author, and a public speaker, appreciated Zozi for being so honest with her actions. She commented, “Well-spoken Zozi. We’re all not perfect. This season has come to teach us some valuable lessons. We love you”. Thato Moshoeshoe who is a TV presenter stated, “Perfection is a goal that will forever remain impossible for any human being to achieve. Therefore, the only achievable goal is to only strive to become the best that you can possibly be.” - Edmond Mbiaka

We are so proud of you Zozi. You’ll always be an example and an inspiration for everyone across the world!