Zozibini Tunzi and Vartika Singh look back upon their Miss Universe 2019 journey

06 Aug 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi hosted Miss Universe India 2019 Vartika Singh for a quick live session on 6th August where the two strong and powerful women discussed about their journey during Miss Universe 2019, Zozi’s crowning moments, Vartika’s life post pageant and future projects in Bollywood.

Zozibini and Vartika were happy to see each other and greeted each other with warm greetings. Zozi mentioned that a lot of fans messaged her and ask her about where is Miss Universe India 2019 as they use to hangout a lot during the competition, to which Vartika says that she also gets messages like how is Zozi and is she nice or how close were you guys etc. Vartika mentioned to Zozi that people in India really admire her and say all the nice things about her. She added that people really like how you put yourself out there. Zozi asked Vartika about the pandemic situation in India, to which she replied that she feels that everyone is living in a global situation and due to this the entertainment sector in India is on hold. The sector requires a lot of people on set working very closely with actors so all of that is on hold for a while but she also added that she is grateful for spending this time with her family. Vartika went onto ask Zozi about the situation in New York and Zozi replied that it’s has been going good; weather’s nice, people are getting comfortable with the whole situation, restaurants are starting to open but only for the outside sitting and for a limited number of people. But she also mentioned that as Vartika mentioned that the entertainment sector has been on hold and no shoots or events are happening, no one is traveling, so that is something challenging.



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Vartika also mentioned that same that staying indoors for someone who loves to travel is very challenging and she stated herself as an example like she stated that she was always on the go but now, it was like she had to pack her suitcase for months for staying in a single place. Vartika asked Zozi about something she remembered from the competition which was the fact that the delegates were told that who ever wins the title will be spending the night at the suite, so she asked did Zozi spent the night in the suite and was she alone? Zozi laughed and said that she did spent the night in the suite with her family and it was special. Vartika also mentioned that she remembers that before the show started and everyone got ready, a few of them saw Zozi sitting in the corner and just taking everything in. To which Zozi mentioned that obviously she was sitting on the floor and thinking about how they were here at the competition for the past 10 days and before that they were the winners for the country. She mentioned that the journey from being crowned as the Miss Universe for their respective country and being on the finale night was going on her mind that time.

Zozibini asked Miss Universe India 2019 about her headspace during the competition and she mentioned that she also felt like everyone had been prepping themselves for the past 10 days for the finale and it was here and she tried to be calm and patient. Vartika mentioned that she believed that everything she had done whatever she could and now it was the time when she had to be calm and patient and wait for the results. Vartika remembered that when she heard Zozi’s name, she was at the back but she decided to go congratulate her and hug her because she was happy with Zozi’s win. Zozibini asked Vartika about what was the voice or agenda that she brought up during the competition and the latter mentioned that healthcare was always her priority and still is. She added that coming from a country like India which is huge and has its own challenges, healthcare is something that is not available to everyone so with her voice she wanted to bridge the gap between the government facilities and the people who really need it. She also mentioned she is still working on the same, her NGO is working to make it possible.

Zozibini Tunzi and Vartika Singh look back upon their Miss Universe 2019 journey


The two spoke of Vartika’s music video which came out a little while ago and she explained that she really likes to be on camera and being able to convey her story to people through camera. Zozi and Vartika also spoke about Bollywood and her future projects further in conversation. They also answered some of the fan questions during the live session.