Best National Costumes of Miss Universe 2023

18 Nov 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The National Costume competition of Miss Universe 2023 was held on Thursday, 16th November 2023 where the delegates showcased the culture and traditions of their respective countries through their national costumes.

The jury judged the contestants on the basis of the designs, impact and the meaning behind the traditional costumes. Before the winner will be announced at the finale, here are our favourite national costumes of Miss Universe 2023 –

Ana Coimbra Miss Universe Angola 2023

Ana Coimbra wore a national costume designed by PollyRocha and URK representing the Mumuíla women belonging to the Mumuíla tribe, in the province of Huíla, Southern Angola. They are culturally known for their natural aesthetic presentations with exposed breasts, necklaces and colorful fabrics. The costume was inspired by the strength and power that the mumuíla woman has, worked with recycled material including cardboard, PVC plastic, used tire remains and finished with Angolan pattern cloth.



Maria Brechane Miss Universe Brazil 2023

Maria Brechane wore a national costume designed by Macaw, celebrating the beauty and exuberance of this incredible Brazilian bird. 



Anntonia Porsild Miss Universe Thailand 2023

Anntonia Porsild wore a national costume that draws inspiration from the graven image, ‘Phra Mae Thorani’ during the late Ayothaya dynasties of Siamese Kingdom during 14th to 18th century. Anntonia will showcase the rich culture and tradition of Thailand through her costume.



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Angelina Usanova Miss Universe Ukraine 2023

Angelina Usanova’s costume is Ukraine’s dedication to the great, sacred, and unconditional love of a mother and the defenselessness of children in the face of war. Children do not start wars, but they are the ones who are unable to defend themselves.

The blue fabric of the costume is a symbol of a peaceful, quiet sky without rockets while the white and milky colors are symbols of peace. The blue and yellow are the colors of the flag of Ukraine and the golden elements on the costume are the armour that symbolizes the strength of every Ukrainian mother who protects her children. Lastly, the body of a little angel is a symbol of the priceless life of every child.



Sheynnis Palacios Miss Universe Nicaragua 2023

Sheynnis Palacios wore a national costume designed by Jorge Salazar Caliz, and is inspired by the El Zanate, the Nicaraguan grackle bird species only found in Nicaragua and northern part of Costa Rica. The stunning costume with black piece with iridescent sparkles represents that in every adversity there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.



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Michelle Dee Miss Universe Philippines 2023

Michelle Dee wore a national costume as stunning as its archipelago. This is Sergeant Michelle Marquez Dee, Miss Universe Philippines, adorned in the nation’s pride and heritage. With each thread woven into the ‘solihiya’ pattern, an iconic design used in the tropics of the Philippines, it embraces her body flawlessly — unfolding the story of the islands’ unity and artistry.



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Shweta Sharda Miss Universe India 2023

Shweta Sharda’s national costume symbolizes a new, resilient India, weathering storms and emerging powerful. It embodies diversity, integrity, strength, and resilience, showcased in an armored goddess look. The power shoulders and engineered bodice highlight the feminine form’s gentle yet strong disposition.

The headgear features a lotus halo, representing the coexistence of India’s diverse religions and cultures, with the lotus as the national flower. The lower half resembles a mystical golden peacock, India’s national bird, with handcrafted peacock feather embroidery. The fluid Organza skirt and dramatic long trail contrast the structured upper body, showcasing how India thrives in its beautiful contrasts and balances.



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Melissa Flores Miss Universe Mexico 2023

Melissa Flores wore a national costume becoming the mystical heroine with a Mexican heart. With a heart in the center that bears the name ‘Mexico’, every detail is a testimony of the love for Mexican culture and country.



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Which one is your favourite?