All about the Preliminary Competition for Miss Universe 2023

16 Nov 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2023 was held tonight, i.e., 15th November 2023 broadcasted live from the YouTube channel. The stunning delegates from all over the world gave their best efforts to keep a strong foot in opening round, swimsuit competition and evening gown competition.



The beauties walked the stage in the stunning Clarisse Designs as they introduced themselves on the stage. The delegates oozed confidence, dazzling everyone with their mesmerizing smiles. Following the opening round, the contestants walked the stage in their Rubin Singer swimsuit competition.

Amongst the beauties, the delegates from Australia, Colombia, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Mexico, to name a few, shined bright with their outstanding catwalk and confidence. The delegate from Nepal was a beautiful surprise in the swimsuit round as she walked the stage with utmost confidence, showing her charming personality.



As they rightly say, “All that glitters is not gold” stood true in the evening gown round as well as the delegates strutted on the stage in their elegant evening gowns and not all gold, to say the least! These contestants showed their worth by putting their best foot forward and showed that sisterhood is the true start of the show. The delegates from Mexico, France, Venezuela, Jamaica, to name a few, gave stunning performances as well.



Also present at the preliminary show was none other than Miss Universe 2022 Rbonney Gabriel who kept the spirits alive and calmed the nerves. The results of the preliminary competition, which consists of the swimsuit and evening gown competition and the closed-door interviews, will determine the first nineteen semi-finalists at the finale night.

Who are your favourites?