Miss Universe Albania 2017 - Events & Activities

09 Jun 2017 | Angelopedia

The prestigious Miss Universe Albania 2017 is slated to be held on 29th June 2017 Tirana. The contestants for the pageant have been declared. Lindita Idrizi was crowned as Miss Universe Albania 2016 at the end of Miss Universe Albania 2016 pageant held on June 2’ 2016 at Revista Who, in Tirana, Albania. She will now crown her successor at the coronation night of Miss Universe Albania 2017. The contestants on the other hand are taking part in various activities to get ready for the event.


Miss Universe Albania 2017 - Events & Activities


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In addition to preparing for the finals, the contestants are taking part in several activities to get all decked up for the finals. They have been participating in various charities to aid orphans and sharing gifts to offer them a helping hand which is one of the traits a beauty queen should possess.  

With it, photo shoots took place at various locations and the contestants looked camera-friendly. The outfits were glamorous and the best part of watching was the ease and comfort with which they all posed for the lens. The gymming sessions are going on, on a regular basis which will definitely prove to be great for their body and soul.

Two competitors of the beauty pageant were selected for an event to introduce two new models of Mercedes Benz. They both stunned everyone with their presence and looked ready to take a pose for the shutterbugs. The beauties added the remaining charm to the event and all the people admired them for their confidence and affability.

All in all, these activities and attending of various important events will surely make them ready to face the challenges further. 

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