Trejsi Sejdini crowned Miss Universe Albania 2018

07 Jun 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Albania 2018 named the representative of Albania for the Miss Universe 2018 pageant later this year where Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters will crown her successor.

Trejsi Sejdini was crowned Miss Universe Albania 2018 crown at the Palace of Congresses at Tirana Albania where every Miss Universe Albania has been crowned for the past many years. Of the three girls who remained at the end of the race, Irene Dama became the first runner-up, and Ajli Hoxhaj was adjudged the second runner-up.

The contestants this year were Ajli Hoxhaj, Altea Noka, Amela Kadiu, Amelia Lule, Anastasia Sara Spahi, Anisa Metuku, Arnisa Mucmeraj, Belinda Dragoti, Dardana Aliaj, Enxhi Hida, Erisa Kociasi, Griselda Koleci, Irene Dama, Ksenia Gjika, Lorena Gjika, Milka Cela, Serena Sula, Trejsi Sejdini, Xhesi Prendi, Xhesika Truka, and Xhoi Kaso.


Trejsi Sejdini crowned Miss Universe Albania 2018


Of the 20 competitors, the jury's selected finalists were Irene Dama, Belinda Dragoti, Ajli Hoxhaj, Trejsi Sejdini, Enxhi Hida and Anisa Metuku.

The prices won by other contestants were:

Dardana Aliaj - Study scholarship

Xhoi Kaso - Production Price

Take-away Miss-Photophobia

Anastasia Sara Spahi - The Keit Clinic Price

Anisa Metuku-Miss Eleganca

Trained Sejdini - Miss Social Media

On being asked why she should be the girls to win the competition, Tracy replied, “I am very happy to be in the Top 3 because of my age, we do not take into account parents’ words and I would like to say listen to our parents, consider what they say, because we will move forward and demonstrate to the world what our virtues are.”

After Ylli Liman’s performance, the girls were eagerly waiting the announcement of the winner. The decision was made by Miss Universe Albania 2017 Blerta Leka.

The coronation night took place in 5 parts and lasted a total of roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes. Miss Universe Albania draws attention because of a combination of a traditional beauty contest and artists that incorporate their performances in the show. The transition for the show form a live music concert to a beauty pageant, and then back is quite seamless as well.

Aurela Gaçe, a 25-year-old artist, Ledri Vula, hip-hop rapper from Pristina, singer and ex-model 18-year-old fashion show in showbiz Çiljeta Xhilaga, and the most beautiful ballads star Ylli Limani are stars that graced the evening of the grand coronation of Miss Universe Albania 2018, in the same order.

The pageant has been taking place at the iconic Albanian venue, the Palace of Congresses at Tirana Albania, for the past few years now, and it seems like that would be the case as the grand celebration deserves a grand venue.

Miss Universe Albania was established in 2006 in Tirana, Albania. The pageant formatted to choose a representative to compete at the Miss Universe by Fadil Berisha. Miss Universe Albania is unrelated to Miss Albania, Miss Shqipëria or Miss Shqiptarja. Between 2002 and 2006 the Miss Albania winners competed at the Miss Universe pageant. Began in 2007 the franchise of Miss Universe was given to Miss Universe head photographer, Fadil Berisha.