Franceska Rustem crowned Miss Universe Albania 2024

09 Jun 2024 | Camilla Saurez

In a coronation ceremony that captured the essence of beauty and grace, Franceska Rustem has been crowned as Miss Universe Albania 2024. The event, , held in the heart of Tirana, captivated audiences with its showcase of extraordinary talent, grace, and poise.

Franceska Rustem, a 22-year-old model and activist from Tirana, wowed the judges with her radiant beauty and compelling stage presence. Franceska’s journey to the crown was marked by her dedication to promoting mental health awareness and environmental sustainability. Her eloquent answers during the interview segment demonstrated her intelligence and passion, solidifying her place as a role model for young women across Albania. As Miss Universe Albania 2024, Franceska aims to use her platform to further her advocacy, inspiring change and fostering a sense of community.



As Miss Universe Albania 2024, Franceska Rustem embarks on a new chapter of responsibility and representation. Her platform promises to advocate with her infectious smile and determination, Franceska is poised to inspire young women across Albania and beyond.

The coronation ceremony concluded with Franceska Rustem graciously accepting the crown, symbolizing not just a personal achievement but a commitment to embodying the ideals of beauty, grace, and purpose. The world eagerly awaits her journey as she prepares to represent Albania on the global stage at the Miss Universe competition.



Franceska Rustem's win as Miss Universe Albania 2024 is not just a triumph for her but a celebration of beauty with a purpose.