Jenelli Fraser crowned Miss Universe Belize 2018

27 Aug 2018 | Irina Silva

At the conclusion of the finale night of Miss Universe Belize 2018 held at Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Jenelli Fraser was crowned the new queen by her predecessor Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath.

Jenelli Fraser will now represent Belize at the upcoming Miss Universe 2018. With her dedication and sincerity, Jenelli gave a strong competition to the ten other contestants and won the national crown. Ever since her participation, Jenelli believes that she has become stronger, fearless, committed and more confident as a woman.


Jenelli Fraser crowned Miss Universe Belize 2018

(Photo Credits: Knight & DayPhotography)

As the newly crowned queen, Jenelli expressed her emotions saying, “All my hard work paid off, I am so happy to be the new Miss Universe Belize 2018. Thank you for all the support, all the encouraging words, it meant a lot and I am hoping I can make everyone proud.”

The eleven contestants who competed for the national crown were - Kayla Leonard Awe, Kelsey Tillett, Alicia Banner, Nicole Monique Hamilton, Kiah Lisani Pastor, Shante Morgan, Jessica Iseini Flores, Christalyn Castillo, Selena Urias, Jenelli Fraser and Ashley Reid.


Jenelli Fraser crowned Miss Universe Belize 2018


Belize is yet to win its first-ever Miss Universe crown. Rebecca Rath represented Belize at Miss Universe 2016 where she remained unplaced at the competition. However, she did place in the top 12 Best National Costume category.

Congratulations to Jenelli Fraser and all the very best for her upcoming endeavours.