Alondra Mercado Campos for Miss Universe Bolivia 2020?

28 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Bolivia Organization will be hosting the coronation ceremony soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title as well as an opportunity to represent the country at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Fabiana Hurtado Tarrazona from Santa Cruz will be crowning her successor at the end of the event finale.

Alondra Mercado Campos is 19-years-old and stands 174 tall and is representing the province of Beni at the competition. She is passionate about being a beauty queen and representing Bolivia at Miss Universe 2020 stage and is emerging as a strong contender for the title.

Alondra is not new to pageantry as she was Queen of the Trinitarian Carnival 2019 and has worked with some of the renowned designers and brands in Bolivia which has helped her to gain experience and some knowledge about beauty pageants which will help her during the competition. The diva has always motivated herself to do the best in her field in order to represent Bolivia at international stage.



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The diva is strong, confident, and beautiful who is working on her skills and abilities for the finale event as she believes that hard work never goes into vain. She wants to be ready for the pageant before it starts as she strongly feels that once an individual is ready and firm about their skills, the competition gets a little easy for them and that’s what she wants herself to perform with her open mind and heart.

Alondra has a very simple yet updated fashion sense and she is very excited to be a part of a beauty pageant which will let her experiment with not only her fashion choices but with herself. She believes that she will be able to explore herself during the pageant as she will go through a lot of activities and rounds until, she reaches the finale night. She also feels immensely thankful to everyone who has supported her and motivated her to follow her dreams and passion. She wishes to make her parents, friends, and people of Beni province proud.



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The diva has a face that radiates positivity and humbleness; she is very kind to others and likes to help people in need. She likes to travel a lot and spend her time either by the beach or with loved ones as she is very close to them. She also keeps a check on her health and fitness and loves to workout every day. She has started to work on her walk, communication, and interview skills for the finale night where she aspires to be a strong role model for her fans and followers. Alondra wants to reach out to various people across the globe and help them to feel encouraged and empowered in whatever field they like. She has a beautiful smile and very strong headed opinions which she would use as her advantage during the competition.

With such positive confidence and desire to win the title, the diva has proved that she has a great chance of winning the title. She is beautiful, talented, and intelligent. She has worked very hard to be here and is dedicated to win the title. She believes that she can be a great representative of Bolivia at Miss Universe 2020 beauty pageant.