Noura Njikam crowned Miss Universe Cameroon 2024

29 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

Noura Njikam has been crowned Miss Universe Cameroon 2024. The event, held in a glamorous setting, brought together the nation’s most talented and beautiful women, but it was Njikam who captured the hearts of the judges and audience alike.

At just 24 years old, Noura Njikam captivated the judges and audience alike with her radiant charm and poise. Hailing from Douala, she represents the vibrant culture and diversity of Cameroon. With a background in environmental science, Noura is passionate about sustainability and aims to use her platform to advocate for environmental conservation and education in her country.



Noura Njikam, known for her radiant smile and compelling stage presence, stood out among the contestants with her remarkable poise and confidence. Her victory not only highlights her beauty but also her commitment to representing Cameroon on an international stage. As Miss Universe Cameroon, she aims to advocate for causes close to her heart, including women's empowerment and education.

Foe Vanessa, the first runner-up, brought her own flair to the competition, impressing the judges with her intelligence and charisma. Her performance was commendable, showcasing the depth of talent in this year’s competition. Meanwhile, Aishatou Bobo, who secured the position of second runner-up, was celebrated for her grace and articulate responses, further adding to the evening's excitement.



Noura Njikam's journey to the crown was not without challenges, but her dedication and passion shone through, making her a deserving winner. As she prepares to represent Cameroon at the Miss Universe pageant, she carries the hopes and dreams of a nation proud of her accomplishments.

This win marks a new chapter for Noura Njikam, whose story is an inspiration to young women across Cameroon and beyond. Her reign promises to be one of advocacy and empowerment, highlighting the potential of Cameroonian women on a global platform.