Neelam Patel for Miss Universe Canada 2020?

18 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The 18th edition of Miss Universe Canada i.e., Miss Universe Canada 2020, will be hosted later this year where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title as well as an opportunity to represent Canada at Miss Universe 2020 stage. The first runner-up will represent Canada at Miss International 2020 and the second runner-up will represent the country in Reinado Internacional del Café 2020. Miss Universe Canada 2019 Alyssa Boston of Ontario will crown her successor at the end of the event.

With the official list of delegates still being prepared, Neelam Patel has caught our attention as she is one of the delegates who will be competing for the national title and is very passionate about representing Canada at Miss Universe 2020 stage.



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Neelam Patel grew up in an Indian household and from a young age she was able to appreciate Canada’s diversity. She has earned her bachelors of science degree in pharmacology at McGill University. The diva explains that she wasn’t passionate about pharmacology but use to work at an optometry clinic as an assistant and learned about vision rehabilitation. She later completed my master’s degree at Université de Montréal in vision rehabilitation science. She is equally passionate about beauty pageants as she feels that beauty pageants help young women in shaping their future better. She wants to break stereotypes that pageantry is solely based on physical beauty. She explained that beauty pageant has helped her to become more health conscious in terms of fitness and diet and it encouraged her to give back to the community through volunteering and fundraising for various charities.

Neelam is not new to the pageantry as she was one of the participants at Miss World Canada 2017 but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the top. But, the desire to represent Canada at international stage brought Neelam back to Miss Universe Canada 2020’s stage where she feels she will be able to perform her best and win the title. The Indian-Canadian model, who believes that differences are what makes an individual stronger and through the platform of Miss Universe Canada 2020, Neelam wants to bridge the gap between different cultures and inspire them to learn from each other.

Neelam who is successful in her field feels that beauty pageants are a great way to inspire young women while they are in their adolescence by getting them involved in science fair projects, explaining different jobs and letting them explore the field by bringing them to work or by giving presentations at various schools. She feels that the stage would give her the right platform to talk about how much education is important for young aspiring mind.



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In one of her interview, she explains that if she could give herself a piece of advice that would be to go out and try new things as she believes that by trying new activities, we learn more about ourselves, discover our passions, challenge ourselves and these experiences help us grow. Neelam mentioned that she wished that she learnt about beauty pageants a little sooner in her life because beauty pageants teach leadership, discipline, and work ethics. They teach that even if you fail, you can work harder and come back stronger.

Neelam to prepare herself for the competition is working on her on-stage walk, body postures, body angles, communication, and interview skills. She also explained that she works out and keeps journal if she ever feels over-whelmed or stressed. She is thankful for everyone who has helped her through her journey as she believes that good support system is crucial time helps in managing a career and private life.

Neelam is not only an inspiration for everyone who works hard and wants to make a difference in the society but also a strong contender for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2020. She might have not had much experience but she is confident, strong, and very determined to win the title in order to make her country Canada proud by representing it at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Her dream of using the platform for encouraging education and advocating for people with visual disabilities is commendable.