Dayana Cárdenas for Miss Universe Colombia 2020?

07 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

With the announcement of the requirements for the delegates of Miss Universe Colombia 2020 under the guidance of national director Natalie Ackermann, the organization and the pageant fanatics have been in search for a potential candidate who will represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Miss Universe Colombia decided to branch out from Senorita Colombia Organization very recently.

With a list of delegates being prepared for the competition, Dayana Cárdenas has caught our attention for the title. She is 22-years-old and stands 178 cm tall. She works as professional model and aspired to be a beauty queen and represent her country of Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She has registered as a candidate to represent Cesar's department in the Miss Universe Colombia 2020.



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Dayana is a very strong contender for the title as she has been working as model for a while now and has walked-on-stage for various designers and brands that has helped her to gain experience as well as knowledge about the beauty pageants. She usually travels a lot due to her work assignments which is one of the reasons she can connect to various cultures and traditions. She is fond of her work and feels that she is the happiest and confident when she is on-stage walking.

The diva strongly believes in the saying that one should work hard in order to achieve success and she has implemented the same in her life as well. She believes that everyone is born with a purpose for their life and we are all born with the same amount and quality of opportunities in life to progress. The only difference is how much one puts in the effort and works hard to cross the hurdles on their way.  She mentioned that all the obstacles in life will clearly help an individual to emerge as a better human being, change the methodology of doing things, and way of thinking.



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Even though she is new to beauty pageants but she is not new to the stage or modeling and is assured that she will be able to perform her best at the competition if she is selected. She is also very close to her culture and traditions which she aspires to showcase on-stage and make the people of Colombia proud. Dayana is very thankful for the opportunities she has received till date that have helped her to be a successful model and now is on her journey to get the beauty queen title and represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2020 stage.

Dayana’s confidence is something to look forward to during the competition along with her charming personality that radiates positivity in a whole. She is working on her skills and abilities required for a beauty queen in order to win the competition and can emerge as a potential winner for the title if she gets selected.