Miss Universe Germany 2024 Meet the Contestants

04 Mar 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 2024 edition of Miss Universe Germany has officially begun as the organization has announced fifteen delegates who will compete to be crowned Miss Universe Germany 2024 and will represent Germany at Miss Universe 2024 later this year.

This year’s batch boasts of stunning and talented ladies who will give a strong competition to each other to win the opportunity to represent Germany at Miss Universe 2024. The winner will succeed and be crowned by Miss Universe Germany 2023 Helena Bleicher. Meet the contestants competing for Miss Universe Germany 2024 –

Angelina Matic

Angelina Matic is 19 years of age and hails from Kempten, Germany. She is passionate about humanitarian work with children, having volunteered at a kids organization since the age of fourteen. Currently Angelina is working on her own project, which focuses on bringing joy and play to children with medical needs and pediatric patients.



Christina Vogt

Christina Vogt is 27 years of age and hails from Heidelberg. She has two podcasts as she wants everyone to have free access to the advices and knowledge she gained from books and her life. One is about self-love and self-reflection for women and the other one is about the path to happiness.



Lea Ivka Ilijaševic

Lea Ivka Ilijaševic is 21 years of age and hails from Nuremberg living in Berlin. Lea is an activist for animal welfare and rights. Right after her graduation from high school in 2020, she temporarily moved to the Netherlands to volunteer in a seal rescue center. Currently, she studies veterinary medicine at one of the best universities in Germany. She wants to spread awareness over cruel breeding and animal cruelty.



Cindy Balinado

Cindy Balinado is 29 years of age and hails from Idar-Oberstein, Germany. She works as a medical assistant in the family business ‘Body, Mind and Soul’, a holistic physical therapy practice that also offers yoga, Reiki, and other spiritual services. While being born and raised in Germany, she grew up with different cultures and ways of living. Cindy is actively involved in the family foundation, VJB Kawanggawa, which supports less fortunate people in the Philippines by collecting and distributing donations, providing free food, drinks, and physical therapy to those in need.



Anna Kemter

Anna Kemter is 24 years of age and hails from Dinslaken, Germany. She is currently living in cologne pursuing her English-speaking master’s degree in business psychology and management. Anna is passionate about weight lifting and goes to the gym almost every day.



Paola Lugo

Paola Lugo is 32 years of age and hails from Berlin, Germany. She holds dual German and Mexican nationality. With a diverse background, including a degree in Business Administration, and a career spanning makeup artistry, modeling, and acting, Paola has represented major makeup brands and contributed to international Hollywood films filmed in Berlin.



Pia Theissen

Pia Theissen is 25 years of age and hails from Cologne, Germany. Pia’s journey began with occupational therapy, where she supported children’s well-being, health, and relationships at school and home. As a yoga teacher, she empowers women to discover confidence, balance, and inner strength.



Jennifer Monreal

Jennifer Monreal is 25 years of age and hails from Munich, Germany. She is a women’s empowerment advocate and has dedicated to caring for children with disabilities. With international pageantry experience and her role as a digital creator, she brings a modern twist to her multifaceted career.



Ilke Nizam

Ilke Nizam is 26 years of age and hails from Frankfurt. As a very ambitious woman, she holds a Master of Science in Business Management and graduated from three prestigious universities. She aims to share her life story to motivate women to fight for their dreams, follow their passions, and believe in themselves, while maintaining a positive mindset, especially in challenging times.



Annabelle Keller

Annabelle Keller is 29 years of age and hails from Aachen, Germany. Annabelle is also passionate about empowering women to become the best version of themselves, coaching ladies in different ages on fulfilling their dreams. Annabelle has also worked as a volunteer for many years before supporting old people in their daily life in her hometown as well as participating families with a child having a life threatening disease.



Fiona Rothfuß

Fiona Rothfuß is 20 years of age and hails from Taunusstein. She is is currently studying communication science and political science at one of the oldest universities in Germany. She aspires to be a spokesperson for either a governmental or social organization. Fiona wants to encourage others to volunteer in their communities as well to make a positive impact.



Lory Sonja

Lory Sonja is 24 years of age and hails from Andernach. Growing up in a volunteering environment, Lory values empathy and helping others. Lory aims to convey a message of self-belief and trust, challenging conventional beauty standards. She encourages others to be bold, daring, and step out of their comfort zones to showcase their entire personality.



Tatjana Genrich

Tatjana Genrich is 29 years of age and hails from Magdeburg. She has been involved with Unicef ??for 14 years and works on clean drinking water projects for children in Ethiopia. With her impressive boxing career spanning 8 years, she has shown her passion for the sport and her determination.



Annabella Fleck

Annabella Fleck is 26 years of age and hails from Augsburg. Annabella has been engaged in various projects regarding environmental issues, animal welfare and children in need. As an international model, influencer and actress she wants to inspire girls and women to believe in themselves and to believe that everything is possible and you can achieve what you want if you strongly believe in it.



Victoria Mihajlenjo

Victoria Mihajlenjo is 26 years of age and hails from Jena. Victoria is committed to environmental causes and owns a company that installs photovoltaic systems. She volunteers as a trainer in a federal association dedicated to empowering children and young people. Victoria’s goal is to raise awareness about important issues such as environmental protection and the empowerment of young women.



(Information courtesy - Miss Universe Germany Official Social Media)