Guatemala’s Ivana Batchelor to present "Immortal Guatemala - Jaguar of the Americas" national costume at Miss Universe 2022

29 Dec 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Ivana Batchelor Miss Universe Guatemala 2022, along with Miss Universe Guatemala organization, took to her official social media to reveal the national costume that she will be showcasing at the Miss Universe 2022 competition. The costume is created by César Portillo and Leonel Hernández.

The National Costume is titled, ‘Immortal Guatemala - Jaguar of the Americas’ which will show the world the beauty of Guatemala, a country that has 3,000 years of cultural richness. Within the framework of the National Palace of Culture, which is identified as the symbol of Guatemala City and the country in its monumental architectural context. Ivana was photographed in the Banderas and Banquet halls and in the main stands of the venue.



The costume is a representation of iconic elements of the country, the Mayan calendar, the pyramid of ‘El Gran Jaguar’ jade. It has a back where the face of the jaguar stands out, a universal symbol of the Mayan culture. The national flower Monja Blanca stands out, surrounded by leaves of the national tree the Ceiba Pentandra.

Within, modern art stands one of the most important works of the artist Efraín Recinos, the National Theater of Guatemala. It includes the marimba, which adorns the lower right part of an outfit that celebrates the wealth and splendor of an immortal Guatemala. The suit is complemented by a rug that represents the Lenten fervor of Guatemala during the Greater Week, which was recently declared ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO.



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