Ireland’s Fionnghuala O’Reilly to encourage next generation of maths and science whizzes with ‘Mission Unstoppable’

19 Feb 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Fionnghuala O’Reilly represented Ireland at Miss Universe 2019 and became the first mixed-race woman to represent Ireland. She was highly appreciated for her performance but unfortunately was not placed at the end of the event finale.

The diva earned her bachelor’s degree in Science in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She is the member of NASA's Datanaut program within the space agency's Open Innovation program, and works remotely out of Dublin as a director for Space Apps, which hosts a global innovation incubator hackathon each year in 225 locations around the world.



Fionnghuala has taken up a role as a correspondent on the Emmy-nominated television series, ‘Mission Unstoppable’, and is set to inspire the children as the show aims to educate the next generation of maths and science whizzes. The show will receive its Irish premiere as a part of STEPS Engineers Week 2021 and is going to take place from 27th February 2021 to 5th March 2021.

The diva mentioned, “Mission Unstoppable strives to empower young women and showcases the many ways they can impact the world through careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). By providing children at home with the opportunity to explore great feats of engineering, technology, and science by watching female STEM innovators on screen, we can send a clear message that a career in STEM offers all young people, regardless of gender, the opportunity to influence and engineer the world around them.”



According to the reports, five exclusive episodes from the series will be available for students, teachers, and families to watch during STEPS Engineers Week 2021, which takes place in a virtual setting for the first time. Caroline Spillane, Director General of Engineers Ireland mentioned that they are pleased to collaborate with the beauty queen in order to bring ‘Mission Unstoppable’ to Ireland and are hoping that students, teachers, and families will enjoy and be a part of this opportunity.

Fionnghuala O’Reilly has also donated STEM educational resources to three local schools in North Dublin to support further engagement and outreach and added: “I am incredibly proud to be STEPS Ambassador with Engineers Ireland and for my birthday, I wanted to raise funds to donate STEM resources for schools in my local community. Thanks to donations from my friends, family and followers, three primary schools will now benefit from new STEM reading materials and activity packs that will help students dream, create and innovate like real engineers in their classroom.”