Miss Universe Ireland director Brittany Mason opens up about being homeless after breakup

15 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Ireland director Brittany Mason has recently opened up about her past six months and the distress that came along, where her wedding was called off and she ended up being homeless after giving up her life in America to move to Ireland.

Brittany, who has led the Miss Universe Ireland organization since 2017, is now back in the US and has took to her social media to share her story and explain why she decided to sell off her wedding dress. She also revealed how she was left homeless and has resorted to start a new life.

She wrote, “As many people who are close to me already know, every woman’s worst and most horrifying nightmare has come true for me. I am no longer getting married to the man I thought was my best friend and partner for life. Right after the new year, I was completely blindsided and now I have lost everything.”



She further explained, “After giving up my entire life and career six years ago to follow my heart for love to Ireland, I’ve been left with nothing, homeless and living out of the same suitcase for 6 months. (I am safe now and I cannot thank everyone who rallied by my side and supported me during this time.)”

“After months of attempts, I was finally able to retrieve some of my property including my wedding dress last Friday and I’m now selling it in the hopes of getting back on my feet and starting my life over,” she added. Brittany said it was with a heavy heart that she will never marry in her dream wedding dress.

Reminiscing about her dream wedding dress, she shared, “The day I picked it out was magical, I thought I had my ‘moment’ finding my dream wedding dress. I truly thought it was one of the best days of my life. The dress is absolute perfection, a gorgeous and incredibly detailed white French lace by the one and only dream couture wedding dress designer Galia Lahav in a size 4.”

Passing on her dreams, a heartbroken Brittany is now ready to take over her new life as she said, “I LOVE this dress so much, it is gut wrenching that sadly I will not be walking down the aisle in it, but it really is an ABSOLUTE DREAM of a dress and I believe it is destined to be for another lucky woman to have her (hopefully forever) moment and say her “I do’s” to the love of her life. I would really love to see another wonderful and special woman have her happily ever after in this gown because it truly is a one of a kind piece of art. It needs to find a home!”

The former beauty queen moved from California to Dublin in 2015 with her now former partner Stephen Patch, a US businessman. She gushed on Twitter in 2019 that she was "ecstatic" when he proposed, but things took a different turn in her life and she ended up in a harrowing situation.

Brittany’s friends, family and followers were quick to show their support for her. Moving on, this strong beauty is now all set to shine through these tough times as new beginnings await in the United States.