Former Miss Universe Jamaica Davina Bennett steals Maluma’s heart in #7DJ

04 Feb 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj



Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 Davina Bennett has been cast as Colombian star Maluma’s muse in #7DJ (Siete Días en Jamaica – Seven Days in Jamaica), companion film to the seven-song EP of the same name that tracks Maluma’s trip to Jamaica in search of a spiritual rebirth.

From landing the part as the love interest in a Maluma music video to getting far more significant than mere screen time or high-profile exposure, Bennett came a long way in her journey. Miss Universe 2017 runner-up spoke, “There are other music videos, but few consider, ‘Let us merge cultures, let us merge Black and white.’ To see Latin, reggae, dancehall, Black and white come together and create something epic like this is a whole other level."

Watch the video here –



Davina is not new to representing Caribbean and black culture as she made headlines when she represented Jamaica at Miss Universe 2017 in her afro, natural hair becoming the first Black woman to be crowned among the top three to do so.

In this video as well, she wears dreadlocks, emblematic of Jamaica, representing authenticity in a video that went to great lengths to stay true to the island’s roots and traditions. Maluma also spoke quite highly of her as he said, “She’s not just beautiful, but a big ambassador of her own culture.”