Sari Nakazawa Miss Universe Japan 2016 visits Jordan refugee camps

15 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

When the world is busy fighting controversies and getting involved with all blunders, there is one beauty queen who chose to fulfil her duties silently. We are talking about the reigning Miss Universe Japan Sari Nakazawa who recently went to Jordan’s refugee camps working in collaboration with the Red Cross Organisation.

The Japanese beauty urges the world to continue supporting vulnerable people displaced across the Middle East.

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Five years after the onset of the crisis, people’s interest in the Syrian refugee crisis is decreasing. I am here to draw their attention back to people’s suffering,” said Nakazawa at the end of a week-long visit to Jordan. “I came to Jordan to meet with refugees and to see their situation with my own eyes. When I go back to my country, I want to tell Japanese people about the hardships the Syrians have been facing,” Nakazawa concluded. She hopes to raise awareness of refugees around the world back home in Japan after her tour.


Sari Nakazawa Miss Universe Japan 2016 visits Jordan refugee camps


Nakazawa visited various programs organized by the Red Crescent to support refugees and host communities, including vocational and psychosocial support centres, a hospital, cash transfer program, and a community-based health and first aid program, supported by the Japanese government. The beauty queen distributed relief items including hygiene kits and food baskets to the Syrian refugee families.

The valuable support of the Japanese Red Cross Society and the Japanese government in the past years has enabled us to continue responding to the needs of these vulnerable people five years into the crisis,” said Dr. Mohammad al-Hadid, President of the Jordan National Red Crescent Society.

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