Akhantayeva Aidana crowned Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2022

18 Nov 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Kazakhstan organization hosted the 2021 edition of the pageant on 16th November 2021, where Akhantayeva Aidana was crowned as Miss Kazakhstan 2021 along with two others and was elected as Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2022 as she will represent Kazakhstan at the 71st Miss Universe pageant next year. She will succeed Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2021 Aziza Tokashova for the title.

The final of the 25th anniversary National contest “Miss Kazakhstan – 2021” for the first time in several years returned to Almaty and was held at the Kazakhfilm studio. 21 years-old Aidana graduated from the Kazakh National University of Arts and now works as a piano teacher in music studios in the capital. In her free time, Aidana enjoys listening to classical music and learning foreign languages.



“I am very surprised that this year the competition management chose not one winner, but three. This is good news, I am so glad that we shared this title with the three of us. I think that we will represent Kazakhstan on the world stage at a decent level. Participation in the competition for me personally was the opening of a music studio for low-income families, children in whom they would like to learn music. I will gladly help them in the area in which I am strong,” Aidana shared after being crowned.

Aidana wore dresses from the national fashion house ‘Arunaz’ and the brand ‘Sherry Hill Hollywood’, and in the Talent Show she performed Batyrkhan Shukenov's ‘Rain’ on the piano. Along with Aidana, Anna Glubokovskaya was appointed as Miss Earth Kazakhstan 2021 and Nazerke Karmanova was appointed as Miss World Kazakhstan 2021.



Akhantaeva Aidana will represent Kazakhstan at Miss Universe 2022, i.e., 71st edition of the Miss Universe pageant. For Miss Universe 2021, Aziza Tokashova was appointed as Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2021 and will be representing Kazakhstan at the upcoming 70th Miss Universe pageant, scheduled to be held on 12th December 2021 in Eilat, Israel. Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event.