Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1

07 Mar 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Mauritius 2018 was recently got postponed to a new date of the coronation night, now happening on 5th May at LUX* Resorts & Hotels Grand Gaube, Mauritius and with this latest change, you get more time to be acquainted with the lovely ladies vying for the title of Miss Universe Mauritius 2018.

So, we thought to help you out in this matter and will be presenting to you details of the ladies who are here to swoon you with their excellence, charm and magnetic aura.

Here is the first set of finalists. Get to know them and decide upon your favourites –

Clivie Lourde - Miss Port-Louis

Miss Port-Louis Clivie Lourde is an ardent do lover who believes that they are good protectors, helpers and lifesavers. Inspired by Miss Israel 2004 Gal Gadot, she wats to meet her one day.

In her own words, “We are all unique and we have different point of views. Being always right is not so important, what really matters is, that we share our own true opinions. Sometimes we have to be empathic as what can be 'wrong' for someone can be 'right' for someone else. Interpretations differs, the most important thing is to remain humble as we should always learn continuously to improve ourselves.”


Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1


Melissa Chundoo - Miss Pereybere

Miss Pereybere Melissa Chundoo is an out and out beach lover and especially if the Mauritius’ beaches. She wants the superpower of having endless money so she can do her favourite hobby which is shopping. Melissa idolizes Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto one of the best anime.

She believes that it is not always important to be right because we learn from our mistakes and she sees the importance of mistakes in life as they help her grow.


Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1


Anais Lagrosse - Miss Pamplemousses

Miss Pamplemousses Anais Lagrosse loves horses and finds them beautiful, elegant and graceful. She wants to be able to read people’s mind, just like the professor in X-Men as this will give her the ability to help others even when they don’t ask for any assistance.

Talking everyday with her scout friends makes her happy. Every Saturday she spends time with them when she sits and laughs for hours. That makes her smile in life. Anais idolizes Whitney Houston, for her she was the greatest singer ever. As any great fan of hers, she would have loved to meet her.


Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1


Stephanie Muthen - Miss Moka

Miss Moka Stephanie Muthen is an explorer by heart and wants to travel the world and discover the maximum of places and cultures. If she were to have a superpower, she wants the power of teleportation so that each time she wants to visit a place she can teleport herself.

She idolizes Michel Obama, former First Lady of the President of the USA. Meeting her will be a dream come true for her. She believes that Michel Obama became a role model for women, a promoter for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating while also being a fashion icon.


Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1


Greta Gregoire - Miss Mahebourg

Miss Mahebourg Greta Gregoire loves cats for their cuteness, kindness and independence. She is a big foodie and loves the local eatables like "tchana puri" of Mahebourg, the chicken curry and the homemade roti, the fruit salads.

She would like to have the power to read people's mind as it would be interesting for her to know the exact thoughts and feelings of other people.

When asked who she idolizes, she said, “I would opt to meet Sia as she has a story to tell and through her songs, her energy can be felt. She seems to have a beautiful soul and with her songs in mind, I made through many difficult paths of life.”


Get to know the Miss Universe Mauritius finalists – Part 1

(Photo Credits - Miss Universe Mauritius Official)