Mino Nominzul Shines Bright Miss Universe Mongolia 2024

14 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

Mino Nominzul, a 23-year-old radiant beauty, was crowned Miss Universe Mongolia 2024. This prestigious title not only recognizes her stunning looks but also her intelligence, grace, and commitment to social causes.

Nominzul, hailing from Mongolia’s vibrant capital, is an accomplished model and a dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability. With a degree in Environmental Science from the National University of Mongolia, she is passionate about raising awareness on climate change and promoting eco-friendly practices. Her journey to the crown has been marked by her eloquence, confidence, and an unwavering dedication to her community.



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At the coronation event, Nominzul dazzled in a traditional Mongolian deel, a garment symbolizing her deep-rooted cultural heritage, paired with modern elegance. Her poise and articulate responses during the Q&A segment left the judges and audience in awe, solidifying her win.

As Miss Universe Mongolia 2024, Nominzul will represent Mongolia at the Miss Universe pageant, bringing her unique blend of beauty, brains, and advocacy to the global stage. She aims to highlight Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage and pressing environmental issues, hoping to inspire others to take action.



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Nominzul's win is a beacon of pride for Mongolia, symbolizing the nation's evolving role on the international stage. Her journey ahead promises to be as inspiring as it is ambitious, with a mission to make a lasting impact both at home and abroad.