Nyekachi Douglas to represent Nigeria at Miss Universe 2020?

08 Mar 2021 | Camilla Suarez

According to some rumors that are circulating around the beauty pageant world is that Miss World Nigeria 2019 Nyekachi Esther Douglas could represent Nigeria at Miss Universe 2020 scheduled to take place on 16th May 2021 in Hollywood, Florida, United States.

Nyekachi Esther Douglas represented Nigeria at Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom where she was placed at Top 5 at the end of the event finale. She was appreciated for her strong performance throughout the competition but her reaction towards Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica’s win as Miss World 2019 captured everyone’s attention as she jumped with joy after Toni’s name was announced. The diva literally broke the internet with her reaction and support and love poured from everywhere for her.



The diva is 23-years-old and stands 195 cm tall. She is a public health student at the University of South Florida and with her platform she wants to bring attention to the children of the Makako (World's largest floating slum community) which are sidelined and ignored. She works as a professional model and had some experience before started training for the beauty pageant.

Nyekachi has walked alongside Jamaican-blooded model, Naomi Campbell, and male model du jour, Alton Mason for designers Okunoren during Arise Fashion Week. She loves art and travel and oftentimes visits art museums or galleries in her spare time. She emerges as an ideal candidate to represent Nigeria at Miss Universe stage as she is strong, powerful, confident, and dedicated towards her goal which is to have her own fashion brand in future.

The diva describes herself as athletic, energetic, and creative who is grateful for the people in her life as they have continued to support her and shown immense love towards her career and dreams. Nyekachi’s personal motto is ‘A little less hate and a lot more love’. She wants to collaborate with organizations that can provide education, sports, activities to improve the skills of the children in the Makako Community so that they can also represent themselves.



Nyekachi mentioned that she still feels jitters when she sees her reaction at Toni’s win at Miss World 2019 finale for which she was highly applauded. She is dedicated towards being the best version of herself and if she gets to represent the country, she would perform her best to make Nigeria proud. She mentioned, “Guard your mind and pay close attention to what you put in it. Be mindful of the thoughts about yourself and others.”

The pageant fanatics believe that Nyekachi is an ideal candidate who can represent the country of Nigeria at Miss Universe 2020 with utmost confidence, determination, and focus. With her experience, and knowledge she could be one of the strong representatives at Miss Universe 2020 if the organization decides to appoint her as the official representative.