Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe Persia 2024

14 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

As the date for the Miss Universe Persia 2024 coronation draws near, excitement is building across the nation. On June 17th, one exceptional woman will be crowned and given the honor of representing Persia at the 73rd Miss Universe pageant in Mexico. This year’s contestants exemplify beauty, intelligence, and dedication, each bringing a unique blend of charm and poise to the competition.

The Miss Universe Persia pageant has always been a platform for showcasing the incredible diversity and talent within the country. This year is no different, with contestants hailing from various regions, each with compelling stories and inspiring ambitions. From advocates for women's education to champions of environmental sustainability, these women are more than just faces of beauty—they are voices of change.



The Standout contestants of Miss Universe Persia 2024 are :

Somayeh Rashidi

Mahsa Mojarad

Mohanna Sharifi

Ava Vahneshan

Neda alizad

Elham Pirzad



Fay Asghari

Mahan Hosseini

Hadiseh Tabatabae

Azita Noori

Iren Ghafouri

Sahar Duke



Tina Salehi

Nina Nikpour





Bahar Legler

The contestants have spent months preparing for this moment, engaging in rigorous training sessions, public speaking workshops, and cultural enrichment activities. Their journey has been documented and shared widely, garnering a significant following and inspiring many young Persians to pursue their dreams.

As the final night approaches, anticipation is at an all-time high. The crowning of Miss Universe Persia 2024 will not only mark a moment of personal triumph for one outstanding woman but also a celebration of Persia's rich cultural heritage and bright future. Tune in on June 17th to witness the crowning of a new queen who will carry Persia’s pride and dreams onto the global stage in Mexico.