Angela Aninang to focus on medicine practice as she withdraws participation from Miss Universe Philippines 2020

07 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Angela Aninang became the official representative of Negros Occidental for Miss Universe Philippines 2020 after she was confirmed at the red-carpet presentation held in Manila. Angela is 25-years-old and has studied Medical Technology at Angeles University Foundation. She has worked briefly as a faculty member of the College of Allied Medical Professions her home college at Angeles University Foundation.

The diva, earlier in the month, announced that she has decided to take a step back from pageantry and focus on her medicine practice for now and withdrew her participation for the national contest. She has been focusing on her studies and upcoming clerkship in medical school. She has been studying hard in the social distancing time. The diva keeps her fans happy by posting her daily updates on her social media. The diva decided to take this step also because she was very close to completing it and she didn’t want to repeat her subjects from junior year.


Angela Aninang to focus on medicine practice as she withdraws participation from Miss Universe Philippines 2020


Along with studying for her upcoming exams, Angela is also working to help the community with her collaboration with some fund-raising campaigns which will provide the basic amenities to the people working day and night for the safety of the people.  Angela is very active in working for the community as well as creating awareness regarding the spread of Covid19 in her country.

The diva who is doing her bit from her home and using her power of speech to not only reach out to more people to help the hospital workers and everyone working for maintaining the safety of the people but also communicating about the discrimination and violence against them. After one such incident in her community, she posted on her social media that one shouldn’t discriminate hospital workers. They are our mere warriors in this pandemic.

Angela shared that she is following plant-based diet when technology brings fast-food in our doorstep. She urged people to follow a vegetarian food as well especially in current situation. She has been working out from home and maintaining her healthy and fit body ready for future platforms. She also shared that she spends a major amount of time preparing for her exams but also with her family.


Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Angela Aninang


Angela has always aspired to raise awareness regarding poverty of the healthcare delivery system, injustice in the compensation and social media bullying for doctors, nurses and the rest of healthcare providers. She has also been working to inspire women of all shape, colour, ethnicity and background that their value is not defined by how this society define beauty. Everyone is beautiful and capable in their own way and calling. So, fight for your dream and believe the impossible because you have God inside you and with you all the way.

The diva has personally thanked everyone at Miss Universe Philippines Organization who had supported her during her stint at Miss Universe Philippines 2020. She has thanked her Negros Occidental fans for being so supportive and motivating towards her. “You encouraged the bullied dark skinned and curly hair child inside me who always doubted herself but has overcome the physical bullying because God guided her”, she stated. She assured them that she is looking forward to serve them as a future physician.

We wish her all the luck and best wishes for her future journey. Hoping to see her on-stage very soon.