Miss Universe Philippines 2020 delegate Apriel Smith shares the importance of sports for youth

08 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Philippines, under the new roles and leadership, is hosting the debut edition where stunning beauties are competing for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Philippines in Miss Universe 2020. Gazini Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

Apriel Smith is the official representative of Cebu Province for Miss Universe Philippines 2020 competition. She is 24-years-old and stands 175 cm tall with a degree in Tourism Management from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. She currently works as a print ad and ramp model.

Recently, the diva shared the importance of sports among the younger generation in a virtual interview. She is a sports person herself and she strongly believes that she can help the youth to have a bright future ahead of them that is why her advocacy is to bring sports to them as their hobby for them to stay away from drugs. She also believes that sports in general brings a lot of benefits for the people including mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially which is a great for a child’s overall development.



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The diva interacted with CDN’s Ka-Siloys and explained her why she feels that there is a need of including of sports in every child’s life and some tips and advice about modeling and beauty pageants. She has always been vocal about her love for sports and beauty pageants and when she was able to combine them both, she was very excited.

Apriel started of by stating that as a volleyball player herself she wants to share her knowledge and skills in order to help the youth, to strengthen them and guide them to work hard for their dreams and she also hopes to boost up their confidence and self-moral of the youth not only in the Philippines but across the globe. The diva states the people should understand that being involved in sports will not only help their children to stay fit and healthy but also teach them how to be disciplined in school, team work, leadership, and many such qualities which can help them to shape up in a better human being. Apriel specified that involvement into sports can help the children to stay off drugs and crime as well and we as adults should encourage their involvement into sports more.

The diva is very active on social media and makes sure she engages with her fans and puts out meaningful message on her account. She also explained that being involved into sports has taught her to be more accepting towards things, to be patient, to be selfless in teamwork, and always work hard for something you want. These virtues have shaped up Apriel in a strong, independent, confident woman one can look upto as a role model. She added that these qualities have helped her in her journey as a candidate for Miss Universe Philippines 2020.



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The diva is not new to pageantry as she was the first Binibining Cebu in 2017 which she explained has given her a lot of confidence and boosted her moral and that’s why she is able to do such great things in life. She is one of the strongest contenders for the title for Miss Universe Philippines 2020. She has good communication skills too and a remarkably charming smile. She has a great personality; very strong values and the most important part is the understanding of the beauty pageant world. Apriel hopes her journey to the crown is one that will inspire many other young women. To them, she says, “Never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true.” With her journey with sports and beauty pageant, Apriel tends to be a role model for youth and would love to see more children participating in sports from now.

The organization will be giving life to three roles that it will play for the country for the next few months in search for the next queen. The organization will provide guidance on how to fight the challenges brought because of Covid-19. It will also inspire Filipinos to seek the best versions of themselves during the new normal. It will create initiatives that will bring Filipinos together to do meaningful work.