Miss Universe Philippines launches mini-series ‘Following Rabiya’ ahead of Miss Universe 2020

07 May 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe Philippines organization launched a mini-series that follows the life of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo as she prepares for the competition that is scheduled to be held on 16th May 2021 (17th May 2021 in Manila). The organization released the three parts on Thursday i.e., 6th May 2021 via Miss Universe Philippines app.

In these episodes, Rabiya can be seen working and practicing her walk on-stage to make it perfect for the finale event. Talking about her catwalk preparation, Rabiya mentioned that even though she has some training in Tahitian dancing and she thought that the training would help her during her preparations but it did not. "I had these movements from side to side which would result in the improvement in my hips when I walk. What happens is that when you move your shoulders and feet a lot, there must be an isolation where your shoulders are steady and only your hips move. It's so hard that you don't move your shoulders, just your hips. But it's fun because it also looks like core training,” she added.



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The diva mentioned that she practiced her walk a couple of times because Sir Jonas Gaffud was looking at how she walked and he was not giving her any chance or tips until he scanned and understood her walk. After a while, he explained to Rabiya and pointed out things she needed to work on and the two started preparing for the competition. Quoting Sir Jonas Gaffud, "It’s not the walk that makes you win, it’s the aura that gives people the idea that this candidate is confident."

Rabiya was later seen in stunning looks for her photoshoot with Seven Barretto, which she describes as hectic but beautiful and inspiring. The diva feels immensely blessed that with Miss Universe Philippines’ platform, she is getting an opportunity to work with the finest people in the world. The stunning silver gown that we see in the pilot episode was designed by Rian Fernandez and his inspiration for the gown was' ‘beauty and intricacy’ as he believes that Rabiya is priceless. During the photoshoot, Rabiya looked confident, strong, and assured about herself, which surely made her pictures attractive.



Rabiya’s second look was inspired by Victoria’s Secret Angels and she looked gorgeous while donning the bikini that was embellished with some jewellery pieces. Rabiya’s fourth outfit was designed by Mara Chua which was inspired by Goddess Athena (Goddess of Wisdom). The beauty queen from the Philippines was seen attending an acting workshop with coach Jonathan and at the end of the episode, we see Rabiya’s photoshoot with Jerick Sanchez.

The mini-series' ‘Following Rabiya’ goes to Los Angeles as she was one of the first delegates to fly to the United States. It was the first time that Rabiya was traveling overseas and seemed excited and happy at the same time. The diva, as soon as she landed in Los Angeles, after resting, went to a sponsor visit at O SKIN MEDSPA where she met Miss Universe Colombia 2020 Laura Olascuaga and Miss Universe El Salvador 2020 Vanessa Velasquez, whom Rabiya describes as' ‘gorgeous and beautiful’. She also said that she got stars tucked earlier.



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After the sponsor shoot, Rabiya headed to the video shoot in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, followed by a casual and swimwear shoot with Sir Filbert. Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo arrived at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel in Miami yesterday and felt grateful that she got to work with such amazing people and she thanked her team in California. Rabiya Mateo is the first representative for Miss Universe Philippines which is headed by Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up Shamcey Supsup and beauty queen maker Jonas Gaffud.