Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo discusses future after crowning her successor

06 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Rabiya Mateo represented the Philippines at Miss Universe 2020 on 16th May 2021 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, United States. She was placed in Top 21 at the end of the event finale. Rabiya is finally back in the Philippines after a two-month extended stay in the US, for the pre-pageant activities of the forthcoming national pageant.

Rabiya during a visit to the White House before her Philippines return, explained that she feels blessed and privileged to be representative-not just of Iloilo but the whole country. It was a rollercoaster ride and she had learned a lot. She also shared that there was a question asked that if there is one thing in the world she would want to change, then it would be cancer. This comes from the diva’s grandmother’s passing away due to cancer.

Rabiya, just before heading back to the Philippines, shared a meal with Hollywood director Cyrus Nowrasteh, who helmed the film "The Young Messiah." Talking about their meeting, the diva mentioned that she is looking forward to joining local showbusiness and is thinking of doing a TV magazine show like 'Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.' Kasi madaldal ako. Rabiya also mentioned that she admires interviewing people as it is easier than being a beauty queen competing on an international stage.



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The diva who made the entire Philippines proud shared that joining pageantry has helped her a lot in building up her character and the competition is a test of character and faith. She added, "What I love about this journey is that I was able to appreciate myself even better, and how much I worked hard to achieve the things I want in life." The beauty queen stated that Miss Universe is not the end for her and she is excited about the opportunities and chances the platform will bring to her in the future.

Discussing the difference between beauty queen and celebrity, Rabiya stated, "Netizens are more tolerable of artists than beauty queens. As a beauty queen, there's so much pressure to be that perfect Filipina with perfect communication skills, a great body, and perfect in all aspects. But, as a celebrity, you can show your funny side and be vulnerable as you want. Now, I'm ready for anything. I've been through the worst of my life. I need to have a different mindset because I'm about to enter show business. It's not going to be easy, but I think it's easier than being Miss Universe Philippines. "

Rabiya Mateo also shared that she sees herself living in the United States of America in the next five to ten years practicing her profession as a physical therapist. She mentioned that during her two-month stay in the United States she visited a lot of Filipino communities in the country. Thus, she won’t feel alone or lonely. The diva also shared that she hasn’t been able to find her father yet, but her doors are still open to meeting her father in the States. "But, who knows, one day I might meet him and be able to talk to him. I understood his reservations to meet me. He has his own family now, "she added lastly.



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Even though Rabiya Mateo was not able to secure a top spot at Miss Universe 2020, she was one of the most popular and favourite delegates for the win and has surely managed to make the Filipinos proud. She landed in the Philippines on 1st July 2021 and was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and the Philippine flag. "Welcome home, Rabiya! The Phenomenal queen is finally back in Manila after being away for over two months," the organization said.