Will Alexie Brooks debut a black win at Miss Universe Philippines 2022?

13 Jan 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Philippines’ is all set for the search of a new queen to raise the flag high and continue the legacy of the country after a successful Top 5 placement at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. Miss Universe Philippines 2022, the 3rd edition of the national pageant, will be held sometime soon where stunning divas from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the chance to represent Philippines at Miss Universe 2022.

While many wishlists are being prepared for the upcoming edition, Alexie Brooks is a name shining bright and strong among others for the title. One of the reasons for her emerging as a potential delegate is that the diva is capable to become the first ever black woman to win the crown, if she participates.



20 years-old Alexie stands 175cm tall and is a model, beauty queen, and athlete from Iloilo Province. The diva is also a motivational speaker and takes strong stands on social topics that need a voice. Brooks also recently took to her social media to share her experiences around body shaming and self-acceptance.

“I am a victim of body shaming and ostracism or what they rebranded as cancel culture or call-out culture because I am far different from the norm, because I don’t look like the typical beautiful Filipina woman that they keep on stereotyping. Some would even call me a copycat or a downgraded version of a past beauty queen. It stings but it will never drag me down. For I am unique, I am different, I am peculiar. I am Alexie Brooks!” she wrote.

She also previously expressed how growing up words like, "you can't do it because you're too dark" or "you're too masculine for a girl" or “you won't be able to get there because you are not good enough, or beautiful enough, or strong enough", have driven her to do more and challenged her to do it better.



“Dont listen to what they're telling you but rather focus on what you are capable of doing and do it your best, always. Embrace and be in love with the person that you are and never let them tell you you can't!” she added.

Apart from being the queen that she is, Alexie is also named as the Championship greatest athlete and has recieved an Iron Maiden special award aside from gold medal for winning the first place of the Heptathlon event and for surpassing the South East Asian Games standard at the Ayala Philippine Athletics Championship, Baguio City.

If she decides to participate, she will definitely be a strong competition and might flourish to lead and debut a black win for the Miss Universe Philippines title, another historic win for the coveted crown.