Miss Universe president says ‘Pia will be missed!’

14 Dec 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe organisation’s president, Paula Shugart, says that Pia will be missed a lot after January. The beauty queen who has always been present with a smile on her face, through every event, every activity, and every adversity as well, Pia was the ultimate beauty queen icon which the Miss Universe organization looked for in all these years.


Miss Universe president says ‘Pia will be missed!’


According to Paula, Wurtzbach is “just amazing.” The president admired their beauty queen in an interview with ABS-CBN News. "She really is…she's so passionate, and she gives so much," said Paula explaining, "She is the person that without any sleep, or if she doesn't feel well, she will be there and take a photo with every single person in the room, with every child in a hospital."

Shugart had a lot to say when it comes to appreciating the efforts the Miss Universe 2015 beauty queen has put in to keep the reputation of the pageant as well as her own above everything. "She will just always go above and beyond. When we're tired or when we're about to leave, she is still standing there looking amazing, still saying words of encouragement. So, just in general, she's been great," said the president of the renowned pageant.

"I'm really, really excited. I've worked for so many years to bring the pageant here, but I'm also so sad that Pia's giving up the crown. We're going to miss her so much,” exclaimed Shugart. Looks like Miss Universe organization is having a hard time letting her go! Well of course, after all its Pia, the gorgeous, ‘confidently beautiful with a heart.’

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