Our Top 5 Favourites of Miss Universe Portugal 2024

12 Jun 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

The lights are dimmed, and the anticipation is palpable as we approach the grand spectacle of Miss Universe Portugal 2024. This year’s competition promises to be a dazzling display of grace, intelligence, and cultural pride, as an array of remarkable women step into the spotlight, each vying for the coveted crown.

From the vibrant coastal cities to the serene countryside, our contestants represent the diverse beauty and rich heritage of Portugal. These extraordinary women are more than just captivating faces; they are ambassadors of change, embodying the essence of modern womanhood with their unique talents, compelling stories, and unwavering determination.

This year's favorites have already captured our hearts with their compelling backstories and commendable achievements. One contestant stands out with her dedication to environmental conservation, advocating for sustainable practices and spearheading local initiatives to protect Portugal’s natural landscapes. Another shines through her humanitarian efforts, working tirelessly to support underprivileged communities and championing educational programs for young girls.

Our Favourite  top 5 contenders are :-

Andreia Correia

Andreia Correia, a captivating contender in the Miss Universe Portugal pageant, exudes grace and charisma. At her age of 25, she represents the epitome of beauty with brains. Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, Andreia is a versatile individual with a passion for philanthropy and a flair for fashion. Her magnetic presence and determination make her a formidable competitor, poised to shine on the global stage. Ashley Branco.



Telma Barao

Telma Barao, a 25-year-old law graduate from Faro, is driven by her passion for justice and human rights. With a strong background in advocacy, Telma has worked on various legal aid projects to support underprivileged communities. Her intelligence and determination are key aspects of her candidacy for Miss Universe Portugal 2024.



Juliana Simoes

Juliana Simoes, 23, from Coimbra, is a talented dancer and choreographer. With a degree in performing arts, Juliana has dedicated her life to expressing stories through dance. Her creativity, combined with her dedication to promoting arts education, makes her a unique and inspiring participant in the pageant.



Océane Conceição

Océane Conceição, 21, is a dynamic student of international relations from Madeira. Fluent in multiple languages and passionate about global diplomacy, Océane aims to foster cultural understanding and cooperation. Her vibrant personality and dedication to global issues position her as a promising contender in the competition.



Ashley Branco

Ashley Branco, 22, hails from Porto and is a medical student with a deep passion for healthcare. Ashley's dedication to improving public health is evident in her volunteer work and community initiatives. Her empathetic nature and commitment to helping others make her a standout contestant in this year's competition.



As they prepare to showcase their talents and advocate for their causes, these women inspire us with their resilience, passion, and vision for a better world. The Miss Universe Portugal 2024 pageant is not just a celebration of beauty; it is a testament to the strength and spirit of these phenomenal women who are ready to make their mark on the global stage.

Stay tuned as we follow their journeys and cheer on our favorites in this extraordinary contest of elegance and empowerment.