Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2015 hits at the pageant new rules!

28 Feb 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The new franchiser of Miss Universe Puerto Rico Wapa Tv, Miss Universe 2001, Denise Quiñones August, revealed yesterday, the requirements that a candidate who wants to become the new Puerto Rican queen should follow.

The management of Wapa Television announced that Denise Quiñones August will be in charge of preparing the girl to represent the island of Puerto Rico in the upcoming editions of Miss Universe.

After the aforementioned announcement, the requirements were made known for women who want to compete in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant. Some of these new rules are different to those at the time the organization was headed by Desireé Lowry and producer Luis "Luisito" Vigoreaux.

Among the changes in the requirements, it should be noted that, “either the participating candidate must have been born on the island or at least one of her parents.”

If this rule would have existed in the past, the winners of the editions of the national contest in 2012 and 2015; Bodine Koehler Peña and Catalina Morales Gomez, respectively, could not have competed for the crown.

Also, one rule requires “the candidate to have resided in the island continuously for six months before the date of the celebration of the final night of the pageant.”

In fact, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2015 Catalina Morales Gómez exploded in a video that was published through social networks due to some of the rules of the new organization.

The young woman, who failed to qualify in Miss Universe 2015, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, said she disagreed with these rules. "We are not only restricting the opportunity to several girls or perhaps I am the only one in this situation? We are taking away the opportunity to compete in the contest, but not only this, we are taking away the opportunity to Puerto Rico to win a crown of Miss Universe ", added the former queen.



Other rules required the participant to be a woman of birth, between 18 and 25 years old, have good physical and mental health, and wish to be a Miss Universe.