Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024: Preliminary Awards Announced

25 Jun 2024 | Camilla Saurez

The journey to the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 crown is filled with glamour, grace, and a celebration of unique beauty. This year's preliminary special awards have recognized six contestants who have stood out in various categories, showcasing their exceptional qualities and dedication. Let's meet these extraordinary women and delve into their stories.

Best Hair & Colgate Smile Award: Carolina Mía Gómez

Carolina Mía Gómez has enchanted everyone with her luscious locks and radiant smile, earning her the Best Hair & Colgate Smile Award. At just 24, Carolina's journey has been one of determination and passion. Growing up in San Juan, she always believed in the power of a smile. Her dedication to self-care and her vibrant personality have made her a favorite among the contestants. Carolina's charming presence and dazzling hair make her a standout in this year's competition.

Radiant Skin Award: Jennifer Colón Alvarado

Jennifer Colón Alvarado's flawless skin and glowing complexion have earned her the Radiant Skin Award. At 22, Jennifer's skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices have set her apart. Hailing from Ponce, she has always emphasized the importance of inner beauty reflecting outwardly. Her commitment to natural beauty and skincare has not only made her an inspiration to many but also a strong contender in the pageant.

My Way Award: Orlanis Rivera

Orlanis Rivera, the recipient of the My Way Award, has shown remarkable individuality and style throughout the competition. At 23, Orlanis from Bayamón has taken her own path, showcasing her unique personality and fashion sense. Her journey is a testament to the power of being true to oneself. Orlanis’s confidence and distinctive approach have resonated with many, earning her this special recognition.


Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024: Preliminary Awards Announced


Photogenic Award: Stephanie Ríos

Stephanie Ríos has captivated photographers and judges alike with her striking photogenic qualities, earning her the Photogenic Award. At 21, Stephanie’s journey from Arecibo to the Miss Universe Puerto Rico stage has been marked by her ability to shine in front of the camera. Her natural ability to connect with the lens and her stunning features make her photos come to life, making her a beloved contestant in this year’s pageant.

Best Personality Award: Angelisse Lucena Nazario

Angelis Lucena Nazario, at 23, has won hearts with her vibrant and engaging personality, earning her the Best Personality Award. Coming from Caguas, Angelisse's infectious energy and positive demeanor have made her a favorite among her peers and the audience. Her journey is a beautiful blend of charisma and warmth, proving that a genuine personality is a powerful asset in the pageant world.

Best Total Look Award: Kellyan Soto

Kellyan Soto, the recipient of the Best Total Look Award, has impressed everyone with her impeccable style and overall appearance. At 25, Kellyan from Mayagüez has shown that beauty is about the perfect balance of elegance, fashion, and confidence. Her attention to detail and ability to present a cohesive look has set her apart in the competition, making her a true fashion icon.

As the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 competition continues, these six remarkable women have already made a lasting impact. Their stories of dedication, individuality, and beauty inspire many, and they embody the spirit of the pageant.

We look forward to seeing their continued success and the final crowning moment that will define this year's queen.