Nuestra Belleza España obtains license to crown Miss Universe Spain from 2020 edition

25 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Spain Organization has finally revealed that Nuestra Belleza Espan~a will be in-charge of appointing/crowning Miss Universe Spain from 2020 edition. Miss Universe Spain 2019 Natalie Ortega will crown her successor who will be the first queen under the new license.

Nuestra Belleza Espan~a is already the holder of Miss International Spain and Miss and Mister World Spain. As NBE has obtained great results in the international pageants, it is safe to say that Miss Universe Spain belongs in pretty good hands. Here is the offical press release by the organization –



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Cres del Olmo is the new National Director of Miss Universe Spain who is also the President of Miss Mundo Espan~a, Miss Internacional Espan~a, Mister Mundo Espan~a and Mister Internacional Espan~a. Cres del Olmo, artistic director since 1997 and director of the Miss and Mister Spain galas for many years, also believes that women no longer parade in swimsuits because they are valued not only for the body but for other things more. He definitely is a person who wants to bring a change in the conventional mindset.

Last year, Miss Universe Spain 2019 Natalie Ortega represented her country in Miss Universe 2019 but unfortunately failed to place in the Top 20. The last Spanish delegate to win Miss Universe crown was in 1974 when Amparo Munoz was crowned the Miss Universe queen.

Amparo Muñoz surrendered both the title and crown after six months due to refusal to follow organizational regulations. During that time, no successor was willing or assigned to officially take her vacated placement. She died on 27th February 2011 due to cerebral aneurysm complications.