Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Wishlist: Dorothy Petzold

10 Feb 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The divas representing Thailand have always performed incredible at the international beauty pageants and proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable skills and abilities. The divas’ incredible performance has earned multiple titles for Thailand, especially in the recent years. Paweensuda Drouin Miss Universe Thailand 2019 performance at Miss Universe 2019 was highly appreciated by all and has now set the expectations for the potential candidates of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 very high. With wish list being prepared for the pageant of potential candidates, various beauty queens have been picked out as a suitable candidate for the win.

Dorothy Petzold from Phuket has made it to our list of potential candidates for the title of Miss Universe Thailand 2020. Dorothy is 22-years-old and stands 176cm tall and works as a professional model. She is inspired by model-actress Cara Delevingne and designer Coco Chanel for her interest in fashion and modelling world. She was born to a German father and a Thai mother.



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Dorothy Petzold stepped into the fashion and pageantry world when she was 6 years old which was for a local modelling competition. By the age of 13, Dorothy got serious about modelling and wanted to get in to the world of pageantry. It was then she was contacted by several modelling agencies for the projects happening all over Thailand. She participated and won the title of Mizsy Phuket 2014. She was also a part of reality television show Asia’s Next Top Model’s fifth season which gave her the much-needed fame and popularity.

Dorothy takes her fitness very seriously and makes sure that she workouts everyday and maintain her body for the future competition. She has been very consistent with her on-stage walk, posture, speech, angles and socializing. She is one of the most popular models in Thailand and grabs onto the opportunities that she feels can help her achieve her goal of representing Thailand at Miss Universe 2020. She believes that the moment one doubts their dreams is the moment they lose, so one should keep pushing and shouldn’t let imperfections lead you off your path of perfecting yourself.



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Dorothy believes that “life is a beach” and she liver her life exactly like that. She has a free dazzling smile and is always ready for a good time. Her fun-loving ways allow her to be silly around the other models. But in front of the camera, Dorothy puts her game face on, and her determination to win is no joke. She is very focused and hard-working towards winning and can be one of the strongest contestants for the title of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 if she deicides to participate.