Thai beauty Anchilee Scott-Kemmis accused of flag abuse ahead of Miss Universe 2021 departure

24 Nov 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Thailand 2021 Anchilee Scott-Kemmis has come under fire for posting an inappropriate image of herself with the national flag as she was departing for Israel for Miss Universe 2021.

A former adviser to the House Committee, Sonthiya Sawasdee filed a police complaint against her at the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) as she was triggered by the flag abuse with a breast-baring sleeveless outfit.



Sonthiya accused Anchilee of breaching the 1979 Flag Act and a ban on the use of national flags for commercial purposes. The picture, which shows the beauty queen posing on painted stripes resembling the colours of the national flag, was released online in a promotional campaign before Anchilee departs for Israel for Miss Universe 2021 competition.

However, Sonthiya also pointed out that Miss Universe Thailand 2021 winner may have been unaware that standing on a national flag is inappropriate. He insisted he was seeking any jail terms, but was protecting the prestige of the national flag.

As per the law, individuals who disrespect flags and symbols can be punished under Section 118 with up to two years in prison and THB 4,000 (RM506.05) fine. While any official statement from the beauty queen is yet to be revealed, Anchilee has jetted-off to Israel to begin her stint in Miss Universe 2021.