Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe Thailand 2024

17 Jun 2024 | Camilla Saurez

Bangkok is abuzz with excitement as the countdown to Miss Universe Thailand 2024 reaches its climax. On July 14, 41 remarkable women will vie for the prestigious crown, with the winner set to represent Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico later this year.

This year's competition has been a whirlwind of glamour, talent, and poise, showcasing the best of Thai beauty and culture. The finalists, hailing from diverse backgrounds, have undergone rigorous training and numerous preliminary rounds to secure their spots. Their journey has been marked by challenges, including public speaking, evening gown presentations, and the ever-popular swimsuit segment.

Here the are 41 Stunning Contestant of Miss Universe Thailand :

Panisa Thiensiripipat

Marisa Varunee

Suchata Chuangsri

Lalana Siribunyakul

Karnruethai Tassabut



Natalia wannes

Surisa Suzana Renaud

Boonyisa Chantrarachai

Ploypailin Sritula

Larita Usa Monroe

Thanyalak Gundmann



Lalita Hongsamat

Pattraporn Menlaem

Nuichayarinee Chandrachal

Anna Maria Benedie

Tharita Smyth

Aumawadi Pimpa



Arisa Chaiyapalakul

Pimkhwan Bunjitpimol

Jennifer Gallemaert

Peenmara Patkhwan De Rosa

Maitai Soriyayunyang

Niratcha Namvatcharasophit

Sorocha Uratchat



Nopparat Kawilo

Sukanya Tongphuban

Pawita Sunthornpong

Sine suwimon Nata

Puntira Srimai

Apisara Thadadolthip

Angkhana Srisuwan

Chanakarn Suksatit

Harissapuch Kunpluem

Kimberly Gambie



Supattra Phuttha Wang

Nantinee Phromma

Dhaveetan Krykad

Julie Mirin Lippert

Fern kanchanok Puttharakchat

Kritsana Hongsung

Thanyaporn Kotcharin



The grand finale promises to be a spectacle of elegance and grace. Renowned designers and choreographers have been enlisted to ensure the event is nothing short of spectacular. The finalists will not only compete in traditional segments but will also participate in a national costume segment, celebrating Thailand’s rich heritage and artistic flair.

Judging this prestigious event will be a panel of esteemed personalities from various fields, including fashion, entertainment, and philanthropy. They will assess the contestants on criteria such as intelligence, personality, and their potential to inspire and lead.

The winner of Miss Universe Thailand 2024 will not only earn the crown but will also embark on a life-changing journey filled with opportunities to advocate for social causes and represent Thailand on the global stage. As the competition heats up, fans nationwide are eagerly casting their predictions and supporting their favorites.

Mark your calendars for July 14 to witness the crowning of Thailand's next beauty ambassador, a night that promises to be unforgettable and inspirational. Who will wear the coveted crown and make Thailand proud at Miss Universe 2024? Stay tuned to find out!