Miss Universe UAE 2021 Live Blog and Updates

06 Nov 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe organization along with Yugen Events is all set to host the first-ever Miss Universe UAE pageant on 7th November 2021 where stunning delegates from all over the country will compete against each other for the national crown and an opportunity to debut for the country at the prestigious Miss Universe crown.

The grand finale will be held at La Perle in Al Habtoor City, Dubai. The three-hour event will feature women representing the beauty and essence of the UAE competing in multiple categories, including personal statement, couture active wear, evening gown and interview.

Below are the results of Miss Universe UAE 2021 (updated as and when they are announced) –




Miss Universe UAE 2021 -

First Runner-Up-

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Top 5

Top 10

Special Awards

Miss Photogenic-

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The top contestants competing for the Miss Universe UAE title are Alma Prtsich, Ameera Alawadhi, Anita Nayyar, Anna, Asher Tones, Bahar Kommieva, Daria Kochier, Dil’Noza Abdu, Emilia Dobreva, Franki Russell, Jasmin Lazarus, Karolina Chernoshej, Keerati, Kristin Samara, Marwa Al Hashemi, Natalia Lupatova, Nutchaya, Oliver Nakakande, Rachel Altenburg, Razan Zughayar, Reem Birdette, Saachi Gurav, Sara Smajic, Shahinaz Albouchi and Victoria Alvarez.

The winner of Miss Universe UAE will advance to the international stage, the 70th edition of the Miss Universe to be held in Israel in December, 2021.