Meet the Contestant of Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2024

19 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

The countdown to the Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2024 finale has begun, with six stunning finalists gearing up for the ultimate showdown on August 18. This year's pageant promises to be a spectacular event, showcasing the grace, intelligence, and beauty of these remarkable women as they compete for the chance to represent the USVI on the global stage in November's Miss Universe competition in Mexico.

Here are the Radiant Beauties of Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2024 :

Meagan Pebbles Bryan

Britanny Robinson

Camille Paul

Aminisha Bailey

Stephany Andujar

Nia Leona


Meet the Contestant of  Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2024


Anticipation is building as the contestants prepare to impress the judges with their poise, talent, and dedication to making a difference. Each finalist has undergone rigorous preparation, honing their skills in public speaking, stage presence, and community service. Their journeys have been filled with inspiring stories of perseverance and ambition, making them true embodiments of the pageant’s core values.

The stakes are high, and the excitement is palpable. The winner will not only don the coveted crown but also become an ambassador for the US Virgin Islands, championing causes close to her heart and representing her community with pride and elegance on the international stage.

As the grand finale approaches, fans and supporters eagerly await the crowning moment, speculating who will take home the title. Will it be the one with a passion for environmental advocacy, or perhaps the contestant dedicated to youth empowerment? Each finalist brings her unique vision and strengths, making the decision tougher than ever for the judges.

Tune in on August 18 to witness the crowning of Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2024, and join the celebration of beauty, culture, and empowerment. Let’s cheer for our favorite as she embarks on this incredible journey to Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico!