Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 First runner-up Hoang Thi Thuy returns home!

25 Jan 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Just today in the morning, the first runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Hoang Thi Thuy returned to her hometown, Thanh Hoa province. Seems like she following Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H'Hen Nie footsteps as the winner also returned back to her hometown just recently.

She received a very warm welcome from her family and friends who came to the airport to pick her up. They showered her with flowers and wishes.

Hoang Thi Thuy was looking crisp in a turtleneck top and matched it with smart pants and white jacket. She opted for a professional look and was mesmerizing wearing her crown.


Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 First runner-up Hoang Thi Thuy returns home!


One of the special moments was when she met her grandfather after such a long time. They were all smiles and also stopped to click pictures with each other. She said that he (grandfather) and her family are very proud of her achievement in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 pageant. "My grandmother was the one who raised me from my childhood so my personality was inspired immensely by her. From them (grandparents), I have a special connection and love, "she said.

Some of her fans were carrying large banners of her to make her feel special.

For nearly a month, Hoang was not able to rest due to busy media interviews and events in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore she was not able to come back home.

She will have a meeting with provincial leaders, Thanh Hoa Women's Union and will also be busy in other activities. Tomorrow, she will visit Tinh Gia High School, where she studied and interacted with the students.