Miss World 2006 Tatána Kucharová’s journey from being the first Czech Miss World to a UN ambassador

07 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss World 2006, held on 30th September 2006 at the Sala Kongresowa, at the auditorium of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland, is marked as a historic win in the history of Miss World. Tatána Kucharová representing the Czech Republic was crowned as the new queen by the end of the event finale. Tatána was 18-years-old when she was crowned Miss World 2006 also won two titles during the event finale. She was chosen as the most beautiful girl by radio listeners who gave her the Best Voice award. The jury then extended the collection with the title of Miss Elegance.

Tatána is a Czech actress, dancer, model and beauty queen who has made a name for herself in the industry of fashion and modeling. She was born in the town of Opocno, the Czech Republic who always aspired to become a model to travel the world. She likes tennis and horse riding and her motto are "Always be an optimist."



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On asking about her win, Tatána stated, “I always watched the Miss World finals, the world competitions, and I always wanted to at least do something like that, for me it was like an unattainable dream and unattainable base, but I always dared to dream of it, and I always wanted to go some way and get to it, at least to smell and be part of it. Well, it worked.”

The diva explained that she gained a lot of self-confidence and self-assurance when she was crowned Miss World 2006. She not only won the crown for herself but for every girl in the Czech Republic who dreamt of being a beauty queen. She wants to do so much more for women empowerment and uplift their status in society. Tatána handed over her crown on 1st December 2007, to the next Miss World, Zhang Zilin of China in Sanya, China.



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After being crowned as Miss World 2006, Tatána Kucharová became a flawless representative of fashion and fashion trends of the most prestigious global, domestic companies and brands. She has performed for brands such as Dior, Emanuel Ungaro, Golden Lady Swim Wear, Elie Saab and leading Czech fashion designers such as Libena Rochová and Ivana Mentlová. She has worked with fashion magazines and media in fashion or fashion stories, face-to-face interviews or other projects of such magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Hi Society, W Magazine, Zink Magazine, Blank Magazine, Baby Vogue or Fashion TV.

Tatána started her own ‘Beauty of Help Foundation’ in 2008 that focused on helping the elderly in the Czech Republic. They specifically work towards support personal assistance, care for the elderly, as it is one of the most needed things these people need. Unfortunately, there are no social, modern social services for the elderly in the Czech Republic. Her team encourages activation programs for the elderly not to stay out of society, to be involved in society, because they want to live culturally and want to be among people if they can physically of course and are grateful for it. In 2015, she presented the work of her foundation at the UN in New York and Geneva.



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And another of the projects that she supports in the long term is volunteering for seniors, such as young people, students, or some may have lost a partner, older women, widows, and so on who adopt as if they adopt a senior or grandparent and come to their homes to help them with their day-to-day things in the home, for a walk. Tatána is very close to her family and it is one of the essential reasons she works for elderly people.

Tatána Kucharová along with Czech architect Eva Jiricná opened an exhibition of a joint project of a traveling exhibition in New York. She represented the Czech Republic at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai. As a guest of honor, she has repeatedly participated in international film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Dubai, and Karlovy Vary.



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In March 2013 Tatána was selected as WNYLE Global Women Leader and a member of WNYLE Council of Prominent Women Leaders. The diva became a charity leader and influencer who works for women's rights and sustainable development. She attended the “European Experience with the Istanbul Convention” as the ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals. The convention protects victims of domestic and sexual violence, which in the Czech Republic mostly concern women and girls, but it helps all, including male victims.

Tatána Kucharová has appeared in several film and television projects. As a model, she worked with Czech director Maxmilián Turek on several video clips and advertising campaigns. She participated in the filming of a video clip with Justin Timberlake for Fascinated, in which she collaborated in Los Angeles with American director Collin Tilley. She also appeared in the Tag Series or Clay's POV, which was aired in Canada.

In 2013 she participated in the sixth series of the Czech Television dance competition called ‘StarDance… when the stars dance’, in which she and Jan Onder finished second.



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In 2015, she played the role of the female lead in a feature film ‘Right Jersey’. She has performed in several shows, talk shows and documentaries in the Czech Republic and abroad. Together with Michael Palin, she appeared in his British documentary about the Czech Republic. She performed in the Chinese youth show ‘Day Day Up’, which, with an average audience of over 100 million viewers, is one of China's most-watched programs.

The diva who has not only made the people of the Czech Republic proud but everyone who dreams of becoming a positive role model for the future generation. Tatána Kucharová was named under Forbes 30under30 category for her works and all the humanitarian work she has done for her country and women. She aspires to work for women in the future with her stature. Tatána has always guided her fans and everyone to stay positive and hardworking if they want anything in life.