Miss World 2015 Beauties Visit Zhuhai

06 Dec 2015 | Angelopedia

Departing Pingtan early Friday morning, the Miss World contestants arrived in the evening at Zhuhai, located some 1000km to the South West of Pingtan. Also known as the ‘City of a Hundred Islands’ Zhuhai is a seaside city with a stunning coastline, ever increasing skyline.

The girls were awestruck after seeing the dazzling island with dim and soothing atmosphere! The ambience was worth enjoying and the girls tried to capture their moments by taking selfies and roving through the beautiful island.

Today the Miss World delegates will be special guests at a dinner, where they will also be putting on a show for the guests! They will also be attending a golf event during the day time tomorrow!

Rolene Strauss’s reign is soon to end, who do you think will wear the Miss World crown on 19 December 2015? Keep sharing your opinions with us!


Miss World Beauties Visit Zhuhai